What Ski Should I Buy? Comparing 2018 Skis in the 90 mm Range

We take some time to compare different 2018 All Mountain Skis in the 90 mm range. Follow the links below to read more about how these skis fared in our 2018 Ski Test:

Full Article – http://www.skiessentials.com/Chairlift-Chat/2018-90mm-Ski-Comparison

Volkl Kendo – http://www.skiessentials.com/2018-ski-test?skis=volkl-kendo

Blizzard Brahma – http://www.skiessentials.com/2018-ski-test?skis=blizzard-brahma

Blizzard Brahma CA – http://www.skiessentials.com/2018-ski-test?skis=blizzard-brahma-ca

Nordica Enforcer 93 – http://www.skiessentials.com/2018-ski-test?skis=nordica-enforcer-93

Nordica Navigator 90 – http://www.skiessentials.com/2018-ski-test?skis=nordica-navigator-90

Salomon XDR 88 Ti – http://www.skiessentials.com/2018-ski-test?skis=salomon-xdr-88-ti

Dynastar Legend X 88 – http://www.skiessentials.com/2018-ski-test?skis=dynastar-legend-x-88

K2 Pinnacle 88 – http://www.skiessentials.com/2018-ski-test?skis=k2-pinnacle-88

Atomic Vantage 90 CTI – http://www.skiessentials.com/2018-ski-test?skis=atomic-vantage-90-cti

Rossignol Experience 88 HD – http://www.skiessentials.com/2018-ski-test?skis=rossignol-experience-88-hd

Head Kore 93 – http://www.skiessentials.com/2018-ski-test?skis=head-kore-93


Pierre Chenier says:

How does the Stockli Stormrider 88 stack up against the others? Particularly the Brahma and Vantage

g cragg says:

great review…lots of good info in there for sure. So thanks. I bought the Atomics last yr and love them. I ski 80 – 90% off piste and they work well everywhere for me.

Jakob Gruber says:

Great video

Monarch Mountain Lodge says:

Great review! Love all the information!

Kevin Houle says:

Got to get on the Armada Tracer, you are right. Huge category special for us selling in CO. Have u skied the J Metal? A few J skis came through the shop this week.

Ryan Morin says:

What are your thoughts on the Head KORE 93 skis?

B Golden says:

I enjoyed last year’s 100mm review – it helped with a purchase. With regards to a strategy to deal with the large number of skis in this category and size underfoot, you could consider a more generic discussion of types of skis in this range and provide examples of the skis within the type – a typological evaluation. Then, on other videos – if you are so inclined – you could discuss the properties of the individual skis within the typology.

FELiPES101 says:

Ahh gotta throw the Liberty Origin 90’s into the mix

radar091974 says:

Where would the wreckreate 90 fit into this category?

Niels Divens says:

Compared to the 11 skis discussed here, where would you place the Salomon qst 92?

Ty Webb says:

Great job. For a 70% on piste 30% off piste skier, I love the Salomon skis. Torn between the XDR 88 and QST 99. Thoughts?

urbanrunoff says:

Good review and good skiing. I love the KENDO for its versatility , so fun and it still holds on ice but man it is HEAVY. But , for the slopes skied in this video I prefer short turn, race inspired skis I think a lot of people are on the “wrong” skis 95% of the time.

Thomas Richard says:

Hey Jeff! Quick question. Just bought some Volkl Kendo’s 2017. Im 16 165lbs and 5’6.
So I picked up the Kendo’s in the 163cm.
I live on the east coast. Do you think that 90mm will hold up in those some times Icy conditions we get over here.
These are my first 90mm skis…
Thank you any help is appreciated.

AG Coarseman says:

The XDR for me-nice and easy, super friendly ski.

Andrew F says:

Hi Jeff. I would consider myself an intermediate skier. Which ski would you recommend for the PNW? I have always rented skies. I would like to purchase my own that will do all. Thanks.

Shane Webster says:

I love the brahma and know it well… how is the Kore 93 on piste relative to the brahma? Does the Kore’s camber give you rebound turn to turn like the Brahma?? Thanks.

715 Outdoors says:

Armada ARV 96

Jay W says:

Where does Nordica NRGY 90 fit in here? I live in midwest. Ski mostly in Michigan and Wisconsin. Intermediate skills. Trying to choose between NRGY 90 and Kendo. Which performs better in icy conditions?

Scott Ward says:

Yo man, excellent, thank you!

kayakutah says:

I think it would be useful, when showing skis, to hold them base-to-base so that we can see the degree to which there is front rocker and where, on the length of the ski, that rocker begins. Same with the tail. It’s rare in reviews or overviews of skis that the reviewer shows the tails. For some of us, whether we like to ski switch on occasion or whether we just like the characteristics of some degree of tail rocker (or if you want to see how skin attachment looks for the tail), seeing the degree of tail rocker and how far from the rear end that rocker begins would be pretty helpful.

james spikes says:

What about the qst 99?

Paul Wright says:

Can you let me know what do you think of the skis by Scott called Scott the ski ,I’ve just bought a pair 2018 and titainnium bindings and they look the part but not had the chance to try them out, had to buy new this year has my other pair of Scott Aztecs the bindings only went up to a 11 and after foot opp had to get bigger boots so did not want to re drill the old skis, so looking forward to the new ones.

Regards Paul

Sylvester's Phone 2408 Vinnicki says:

So what skies to buy ?

Don Spicer says:

What about the Armada ARV 96 184cm.

Steve Fuchslin says:

Do you have any input on 4frnt MSP or Vandal? Freeskier magazine rated them very high. How do they compare to Nordica Enforcer, etc….thanks, steve

Sef Sarroub says:

This ski isn’t really in the same category, but what is your opinion of the Voelkl Revolt 95?

Mark Pearl says:

Great review, thanks. How would you compare the Icelantic Pioneer 96 to this group?

Bob Sacamano says:

Rossignol Experience 88 HD vs. K2 Pinnacle 88?

Arnau Vizcarra Miserachs says:

What about the Volkl RTM 84/86 ?
I’m between the Salomon XDR 88 ti or the Volkl 84/86 (I think 86 construction is better than the 84). Could you please give me some hints on this 3 skis. Thank you so much. I can’t decide ahah

jared current says:

The Heads

Xochi Pilli says:

great review! i’m about to buy an allmountain ski with about 90mm range. which of these skis are the best for carving down the groomers? i really like carving but i also want to be able to do fast smooth turns (moguls) as well as to go skiing in the soft snow. i was thinking about the nordica navigator 90 so far. any opinions?

sfbigt says:

Who or how many skiers participated in the test, was it only the guy who we saw few times in the video? Where is the new Stöckli Stormrider 88?

Kyle Rattay says:

Volkl 90eight all day long nothing better IMO in that range I’m a light weight guy also have a tour binding.

Tyler Wilson says:

Great Video! I currently own a set of Volkl One’s (I know, much bigger than these) that I absolutely love. I love how easily they release the turn. I have been getting much more into mogul amd piste skiing and really want a ski that has a similar slarvey feel but is smaller. Been looking into the Volkl Kanjo, and something like the Atomic Vantage. What are your thoughts on something like the Vantage 95c from last year. Just looking for a simmilar, fun feel.

Jw K says:

Is there such ski: carving/onpiste/hardpack oriented all mountain ski in range of 80mm to 99mm waist? Thanks. After I watches your video, I like Brahma Pinnacle 95. I rode 88xdr, I likes it but It was heavy and head to drive hard during carve. I liked carving and poppness of 88 xdr. What do you recommend?

Aaron Hinchman says:

How about the Völkl Transfer 89?

Peterswag says:

Very informative reviews

Dirk B says:

Great comparison again … I was waiting for this one, but a few days ago I ended up buying the Head Kore 93 … I selected them over the Enforcer and Kendo (also Black crows Captis) and listening to your review here I think I made the right choice 🙂 We’ll know for sure on Nov 4th when the slopes open up here in and around Calgary. Thanks for doing these reviews they are super helpful for people like me.

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