Telemark skiing back country. Japan 2017

Back country skiing in Japan. However it is not all about freeing the heel. Its also a snap shot of what we love about Japan.


Wagging Tails says:

We started at Asahidake then went to, Tomamu, Furano, Daisetsuzan national park and some other local areas around Furano

Wagging Tails says:

Hi Richard glad you enjoyed the vid. We have been to Japan several times now and personally I find the last week of Jan and the first three weeks of Feb good. It is very cold in Japan (usually) and therefore the powder remains very good for a long time. Hokkaido (the North Island) I think gets dryer lighter powder and remains better later in the season. However now to really get good powder I recommend more back country skiing. For some reason in the past 5 years not only has there been many southern Hemisphere skiers going to Japan but this year there was increasing amounts form all over Europe and the States. So the resorts get very busy and tracked out quickly. That said there are many small ski hills that aren’t popular or are not known about and you can find great local hill ski stashes. Enjoy

Douglas Wren says:

Loved this vid, your lady is so super smooth, love her style. Thanks

obban12 says:

What a nice video! Thanks for that 🙂 Question for you: are you experienced enough to travel the back country in a foreign country like that or do you have a guide who takes you out there and finds the sweet spots? Cheers!

2003rikkert says:

Great Video and great turns! I have been told that the powder season is very short in Japan but is very predictable (2 weeks end of Jan) and very good. Appreciate your views on this. Regard from Netherlands, Richard

Andrew Iverach says:

Great vid guys. Truely a winter wonder land with that lovely fresh snow. Enjoyed the music as well.

Eli Burger says:

Great Video! The Snow looks like the power in Utah….. !

Wagging Tails says:

Cheers, thanks for that. Bummer about your pelvis.

Joey Chan says:

sorry. where and where in japan? also checkout “telemark skiing forum” on fb

hongo mania says:

great video well edited and entertaining. makes me upset tho after I hucked off a large face unintentionally at cortina in feb…pelvis is still recovering. i missed out on so many face shots 🙁

hongo mania says:

oh and you can free the heel very well. some sweet smooth turns in there. might run into you guys in the bc this season

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