Telemark Gear 2019

Here is my choice of gear for the 2018-19 season.
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Scott McGrath says:

How do the Crispi boots fit? I have an old pair of BD Seeker boots that are getting pretty blown out. I could try on Scarpa boots but no Crispi dealers near me so curious how they fit or if there is another brand they are similar to to try on before I buy.

Karl Jensen says:

Rene!! You’re alive! More videos please.

Florian Redecsy says:

René… question about spring stiffness… I realised when I am in powder that if i get to much pressure on my ski tip even my lead leg heel lifts and being in both boots on the toes is not really great for balance… but I don’t wanna get into the bad habit of leaning back and having an awful posture… if I stiffen up the spring I am worried that my uphill ski tip will dig into the snow too deep therefore softer would be better, but the softer I would go to easier my fault can happen… eg soft powder and you cross another skiers track where the snow is way more dense than expected…
What is your experience on spring stiffness on its own and in maybe combination with the boot stiffness?
Maybe you could do a video on how and why you set up your binding as you do? Guess there are more than me interested in your experience…
Thank you…
By the way… love your 7 flaw series… start every season watching them a couple of times…

TheCaptainA says:

Thanks for sharing. Would love to see a comparison review of Meijdo vs. Lynx once you’ve spent some time on the latter.

D Leclerc says:

Thanks René to show us your 2019 Quiver!!! Is Route 88 could be considered a good continuation to my BD Aspect who are now to much floppy? I also Telemark at Le Massif and Aspect was awesome all around ski, lightweight, love it… but this guys was tire now!! Next ski will be also mount with 22D Vice.
Your Opinion will be greatly appreciated!!!

Mikko Pelkonen says:

Sorry to say, but ntn-boots are too heavy. And Meidjo doesn’t last (bought them becourse of your review, fortunately could send them back).

Jorge Fdez. says:

Hey I like all your videos! I’m just wondering if you could make a video or something explaining how you set up the telemark binging for a new ski, I mean what you consider for that. Thanks! Cheers!!

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