Ski Patroller Reviews Rottefella Freeride and Freedom NTN Telemark Bindings

Review of the Rottefella NTN Freeride and Freedom from the perspective of ski patroller Darrell Finlayson


Robert Feinberg says:

Great review. As a pro patroller I really appreciate the step in/easy out and the brake. I would add one note. The Freeride can be mounted with a 10mm riser which also serves as a quick change plate. This alleviates brake drag if you are using the integrated brakes. And allows one binding to be used on multiple skis. The Freedom can not be mounted with a riser as of yet. I have spoken with Rottefella about this but not sure if a factory riser is forthcoming. I did my own work around and I made my risers with polycarbonate shims which seems to do the trick.

Belial says:

have you tried the 22designs outlaw? if you have, could you make a small pro and contra to these two ones?

Simon G says:

Very good review. Thanks.

adamcrookedsmile says:

good demo of the difference between the Freedom and Freeride. I would my self have chosen the heavier binding with sturdier mechanism – I’m strong enough to use them and I’m not out to break records anyway.

is this binding stiffer than the G3 Targa binding? That’s a duckbill binding and I use it with Scarpa T1 boots and Line Prophet 98 skis.

Also, have you ever noted that alpine skis glide better on very flat parts of the ski system? Does it have to do with alpine skiers being able to lean forward into the binding and push the front part of the skis down?

John Burkhart says:

I find that these two bindings ski quite differently. The Freedom provides, in my opinion, a more progressive yet plenty powerful flex while the Freeride, while still skiing very well, engages in a more on/off manner. The Freeride does provide more power to bash through chop and rip big turns on icy groomers while the Freedom does better in powder and wild snow conditions.

Charles P says:

Please comment on release function, especially how to adjust and a way to determine if you have the right tension.

meta41 says:

Great comparison and (for what it is worth) comports with my own experience.

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