22 Designs – Outlaw X Telemark Binding review

This is a review of the 22 designs – Outlaw X after one month of skiing on it. Step in, downhill performance and reliability is what sets this binding appart in my mind

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Hans-Christian Noren Egtvedt says:

Will you test the 22 designs Lynx binding as well?

Tony Stanford says:

I am running a 15 year old set up which was great for the time but is definitely in need of updating. These days I do all lift area skiing in western Canada. So, everything from groomers to Champagne. My old Heads/Rottefella/Three buckle T 1’s are really very nice in soft snow but not so nice in heavy coastal snow and icy crust. My daughter gave me a pair of OG Blizzards and I’m considering my bindings/boot options to install on them. I defininitely don’t want to “start from scratch” at the bottom of the learning curve, but that being said, I should take advantage of recent advancements to prolong my ski life. I really have no exposure to even the last 75 mm technology.(activity springs, etc.) Hell, I don’t even know what “activity” is……LOL! I tried to look up the definition on the net but as far as I could see, no one has stepped up to explain. I like your videos and they are a great source of info in an area where there are fewer and fewer local sources. Cheers

Tony Stanford says:

Hey Rene, I am a seasoned telemarker on 75’s but a new system and some reviews mentioning that many NTN set ups do not “feel” like a traditional 75 set up, gives me pause. You mention on your review that the Outlaw X performs more like a 75 vs the offerings from, Rottefella and that appeals to me.. I’d love to try out an NTN set up but alas, I don’t see any available to rent around here.

absolutetelemark says:

Check out my little tip on how to step in: https://youtu.be/lNWRLnW4dWc

Calum Stewart says:

Great Review Rene- Martin. Thanks for the honest and informative review

Johan Yveborg says:

What do you think about the outlaw/crispi wc combo? I am about to get rid of my TXpros since the bellow is way to soft for me (would like some more activeness there) and since Crispi is the only ones with tech inserts on their stiffer models I’m considering the WC or regular EVO. Any thoughts – do you like the WC in powder as well or is it to stiff? – Really like your videos and page by the way!

NEF s says:

Thanks for the reviews they are awesome. This binding looks awesome but I’m not sure. All I do is backcountry. Do you think this would be a good choice for just backcountry? If not what would you recommend. Thanks for the videos

George van Vlaanderen says:

I see that you have Outlaws mounted on a pair of Nordica Enforcer 100 (1:30 on the video). How do you like the skis and how well matched are they to the Outlaws? Thanks!

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