What I Wear at the Snow

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Tiana says:

Something about the drive to the snow (fellow sydney-sider here!) and seeing familiar landmarks, snow capped mountains and fussing over all your ski gear and rental stuff is just so magical and warm. Thanks for your video, it perfectly captured this charm!
I also finally got to head back to the ski fields this year after 9 years of not being on the slopes and having skiid my entire childhood, this just makes me even pine even more for another quick trip before the (extended) season ends ^-^

Dianna says:

Loved your vacay, the mountains are amazing! Christmassy vibes haha

Sen says:

You should rename this the vlog where you fell in love with your eyebrows. 😛
I love your travel vlogs. they’re so cool but also relaxing. ♥︎

Cozy Sims 2 says:

hahaha I love when aussies see snow like it’s something special

aimee says:

Such a cute vid!! where do you get the dandies marshmallows from? I miss eating so many sweet things bc they have gelatine 🙁

sol colombo says:

Oh you make being stylish in the snow so easy!! Loved the outfit with the shorts and the tighs! Wich game are you playing at the beginning of the vlog, while flying??

jane.v says:

Yessss, i waited so patiently for this!!

Caroline R says:

Your voice is so ASMR, this video made me relax <3

alice liardet says:

i’ve never watched or even been recommended a skiiing vlog before but i loved this so much!

Eleonore Bon says:

You wear such thick clothes and so many layers! I am dressed much lighter, but I usually go skiing in Austria in March, perhaps it’s warmer there. But then, I don’t wear that many clothes in the middle of winter!

Jourdain Collins says:

Your vlogs are so well edited!! ahhh

tiffjapan91 says:

love ur vlogs sof! :3 and glad you had fun <3

nothingtoseehere says:

How do you afford to go on all these trips skiing, to La, to Disneyland, having a birthday at a hotel, eating out at each place, etc? And top of everything being able to afford designer items.. I’m genuinely curious. I wish I could afford all that.

Francesca says:

Something I learned when I finally took the plunge and bought all of my own equipment (boots+skis) is that rental boots are almost never going to be that comfortable. In order to get a properly good fit on a pair of boots you’re almost always going to have to have them fitted to you so heat molding of liners, shells, sometimes custom made footbeds. If you’re ever going to invest in anything skiing-wise, the boots are probably the best thing to go for 🙂

133.2 x 5 says:

i live in the cali west coast where it doesn’t snow at all BUT IM STILL FINNA WATCH THIS VIDEO

Vy Nguyen says:

Perfect smore!!! I expected nothing less from you lol

Nana says:

really love your vlogs❤️

Sofia Moreno says:

This video made me want to go skiing in snowy mountains ❄️ It is summer/autumn now in the northern hemisphere lol

Cleo Schneider says:

I think the drink is skiwasser which is what you get in Europe, it’s like a raspberry grenadine with lemonade in it. It’s so good

Tahina Beaudreuil says:

Hi, I really love your channel and your style, I wonder if you could make a (real) winter lookbook. Put together some style for when it’s frizzing outside. I’m frome Canada, Québec. And it would be really useful to have some outfit idea for the winter and still look cute XD

Hope you will have the time or the interest, You are absolutly gorgeous and perfectly stylish Keep going xox-

maddieg says:

ur so friggin CUTE!

Joel Sparta says:

That Flamingosis! 🙂

Queen Drew Hart says:

Ugh! This makes me wanna go skiing so bad!

ciu_ says:

Guuuurl I don’t know what it is you changed in your makeup but you’re RADIANT in that thumnbail, like gorgeous-model-radiant

Emelie Stenberg says:

I had no idea that it’s snowing in Australia?

Hannah On says:

I always look forward to your vlogs!! <3 <3

singer says:


Thank you for enjoying video!!
I can’t wait next video!!


I LOVE FALLS CREEK! went in june and visibility was shocking hahaha
love this vlog girl!!!! <3

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