Ski Man (Rollerman Winter suit)


Do you know Rollerman? This guy has performed in Jackie Chan’s ‘Chinese Zodiac’ and Jim Carrey’s ‘Yes Man’. This is his latest invention, a full body ski suit!

production, camera & edit: Danny Strasser
screenplay by Danny Strasser
cast: Jean Yves Blondeau/
music by Bill Stankay: ‘Mara’, ‘See No Ghosts’;
film location: Lech-Zuers (Austria)


baylego says:

Goofyest and cooler Transformer

henrik Slotta says:

Looks kinda stupid.

SwiftTone says:

I wanna see some mogul action!

Thisthatandtheother Chan says:

Looks fun.

Julian Herwerden says:

Thats in Lech i go there every year

Bradenv31 4 says:

That looks so fun

True/ False says:

Can u ski on head? :))

air 7 says:

비닐옷 입고 온몸으로 그냥 미끄려지는게 싸고 좋을듯

Flynnstefer Mtb says:

When you think you look cool but really you look hilarious

Peet L says:

Just lol

DaeGiTron says:

Why can’t he just have regular skis?

Sereno Magna says:


Nathan Johansen says:

Edward Scissorhands finally got out of the castle…

Billy BONDOIS says:

HORS NORMES !!! J’adore

Special Vehicles France says:

Ouaw quel accent

The best channel ever says:

But how does he wipe?

W Fan says:

this solves the burning thigh problem.

까시 says:


amostradecafe mafioso says:

Thats the hero our planet need!

Balázs Kulcsár says:

What kind of helmet do you have? I want a ski helmet like this for years. Pls let me know.

Peeravat KPR says:

Imagine everyone on the slope using his gear

Bruce Leef says:

I just ordered my suit. can’t wait for the future downhill racing..

PUBG MOBILE Vlogs says:

after wonder woman. . .
he is wonder Man

Tsuge Tune says:

up to U

Kev Rochlin says:


SS S says:


BoOM IsteaK says:

sa peut aller à quelle vitesse exactement? et la version roller? en tout cas très impressionnant mais sa me semble dangereux quand même non?

The loser from Noobland says:

I want to buy this item. How much do you want?

Chris Backus says:



His husbands suit is covered with rubber dicks

Alexey El Hayek says:

This is going to blow up soon

OETZIonline says:

Tan al pedo jaja

Helix says:

He was burnin up in that suit and needed to go somewhere he wouldn’t be hot!

Gary Aubrey says:

Someone watched Transformers too many times.

SsamF1 says:

On my balls


Typical European making a joke out of himself

The King says:

This is fucking stupid

Wolff says:

I would totally try this

Spade828 Call of duty says:

He’s a transformer

Barberman says:

looks like some kind of bondage xD

Toni Guerra says:

Accent sur 20

air 7 says:

저게 뭐야 그냥 썰매를 타지 비니루썰매

Leah Reily says:

imagine this in ski powder

Soldier 2.0 says:

Lol , nice suit, nice quality of the vid.

Mohammad Yashar says:

Why aren’t we funding this?!

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