Pilot TS Ski Wear & Review after 2 Seasons

Wear & review on the Pros & Cons of the Pilot TS skis after 2 seasons and 1068 miles.

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m turley says:

I think the ts skis are junk.. First thing to go every year.. I sell them back to my dealer and put the CURVE XS Skis on.. If you want quick adjust on your sled skidoo makes you buy them as part of the adjustment package.. Spring order sleds only obviously.. If you ride aggressive those skis just don’t cut it.. Darn right dangerous, way to much push for my liking.. To each there OWN though.. Hey paisteboy did u get your scratchers??

Kevin says:

Nice channel, new sub! Btw, would you mind doing a video on your ice ripper track? Would love to know how the little studs are wearing, and your opinion about it

Mark Bow says:

I have the aftermarket “Snow Trackers ” On my Vector . They work well to prevent darting.There sort of the same principle except not adjustable. They have one main carbide blade and two other steel blades .They also protect the ski bottom from wearing out. I like them so far.Except they wrecked my driveway. You need about 10″ of snow under them ! Don’t tell my wife. Mark

Streeters Garage says:

Great Explanation. I didn’t realize that the carbide was so thin. Kinda reminds me of a skate from a hockey blade.

Isaac Brebner says:

I wonder what I will think of these skis this winter

Alan Call says:

Great video bro you need to come to the U P Michigan will put some miles on that sled of yours LOL keep them coming the shiny side up Big Al Michigan

Cory Coulter says:

These are only good in perfect snow conditions.If you have to cross a road you have to stop and raise them up.

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