Lib Tech TRS Snowboard Review – Keystone Tree Riding







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It snowed around 4″ the day before this review, so I was out in the trees at Keystone hunting for leftover snow. It was surprisingly good in the trees, with lots of fresh light snow to find despite not being very deep. The TRS was a lot of fun in these condition and is a capable all-mountain snowboard. The biggest highlights of the TRS for me are how versatile it is and how well that magne-traction grips. I was able to hold a strong edge on icy parts of the groomers and had full control even when breaking through the powder to the crusty icy snow underneath. The TRS also has some good stability to offer once you reach the end of its rocker dominant profile, I would rate the flex around a 6/10. Let us know any questions down in the comments below, thanks for watching!


N -gen says:

TRS TRS TRS one of my favorite boards

Ruben Tortolero says:

Bought this board a month ago and it’s an amazing experience. I got to demo all of lib tech’s line up and this was my favorite

Trent McAteer says:

TJ which would you prefer for a quiver killer, all mountain board between the TRS or the Never Summer Proto Type 2?

Alexander Ardelean says:

Im in keystone right now thats awesome wish i saw you out there

BestFortnite Moments says:

I was thinking about getting the Lib Tech Horsepower is that a good all mountain board?

Arturo Espinoza says:

I have riding TRS 2 winters in sweden and Norway ! Fits to very good to this countries where the snow can be ice ! And is very cold for many months ! Everything Tj said is true ! But the board feels heavy ! You may select lite bindings and responsive like Cartel burton 2018 maybe ! Or some other reactive bindings ! You may be aware about your position on your board ! In the middle point ! Like a Pivot ! Can give you some surprise ! On ice conditions ! Other than that ! Board is one board quiver ! It works every where ! 154 works for me in regular resorts you are going to Japan 157 ” im 174 / long ‘ 75 kg my stance. 57 cm 18 + / -12 ” riding experience 25 yrs on boards ‘ 30 on surfing ! ¡ hop you get some help !

21trips says:

Would you please review lib tech skunk ape?

Jamie Mulford says:

Would love to see the CAT if it’s open next time you go. Thanks for the vids!

SnowDaze says:

Holy crap!! 2:28 got a bit close, brother!!

David Barron says:

I have last years gnu riders choice. Not sure I like the asymmetrical edges, I seem to slip out on the heel edge easier. Anyone else feel the same?

Yo boi goodwin says:

This is the board I’m saving up for

James Davis says:

Were you riding it set back, for the pow, I’m assuming? I’m very seriously considering getting one of these, in a 157 MidWide or 159 MidWide, more for a pow board. Even though my boot size is only 10 or 9.5, & I weigh like 190 – 195 during the winter(s), that extra width/surface area should give me about the same amount of float as a normal width 160 or 162 would, but without as much swing weight or at least that feeling & since I absolutely love riding switch as much as regular, & have more of an all-mountain freestyle approach to riding, regardless of where I am, I think it’d be a pretty good fit for me. In summary, I’m wanting to get this as my “freestyle pow” board, but could also get more aggressive with carving on groomers & lean over farther before getting any toe or heel drag. Putting some stiffer baseplate type bindings on there & raising the ankle straps & using some forward lean should help compensate for the slightly slower edge to edge responsiveness with the width but I think I’ll like it a lot regardless! Anyway, my question is this, were you riding it setback for the pow? LOL, sorry it took me so long to “get to that”. T.J., I appreciate you doing what you do with all the board reviews & helping people to hopefully understand equipment more & how it should ride based on design characteristics, etc.

Nick Zanetti says:

TJ, you HAVE to get on the Salomon Sickstick. Board is sweet

TyTube says:

That skier tho

egill rafn says:


Infinite Stars says:

Can you please go to Brekenridge I am there and I want to be in the vlog, peak 9 please.

Jed Keegan says:

Places in Colorado have snow this year, all the places I’ve been to have had nothing

Imperial Sludge says:

Can you do a video with it in the park?

SkyOfStorms says:

I have this board and I huck it in anything from pow to slush; off cliff drops and huge park jumps. This thing is playful and buttery smooth on any part of the mountain.

Roby So says:

Hey TJ,, Awesome review! I have the 2016 version of the TRS. Any chance you can do a review of the ThirtyTwo TM Two VS the TM Three’s?

Quintin says:

Great video!

Corbin V says:

Give boards away

Tony Lombardo says:

What size foot are you TJ? (I’m on SkunkApe 157 with a size 11.5 foot…curious if I don’t need to be so wide…though I love the board alot). Great vids man

TidalWaveDave24 says:

I’m not debating between this board and the Travis Rice pro. Both seem to suit what I ride. Anyone have any suggestions? TJ what do you think?

Justin Bordwell says:

Why do u shoot snow in ur face

PhaseSkater says:

someone help me, im trying to buy my first snowboard and leaning towards camber for a more all around board and how responsive and stable it sounds, but people are saying for powder you need rocker. is it still possible to ride powder on a camber? im beginner to intermediate level of skill

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