I Bought A Metallic Ski Suit

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Lucifer Rock says:

That’s right, you’ve got a lot of hair, a lot of beautiful and lovely hair.

Elias Tony Miranda says:

Nice and your ready for the slopes.

Test Tester says:

A lot of sycophantic comments on here…..the thing made you look like the love child of that gold robot thing from Star Wars and Liberace…who has been fostered out to a gay couple who took you to a blue tin foil factory where at that moment in time there happened to be a tragic industrial accident and despite the doctors best efforts they are unable to remove the detritus from your person.

Coco Mueller says:

Does this keep you super warm when it is super cold?

Topspeed350 says:

You look great.

Monti Gireauxe says:

The suit fit you well !!

Charles Brotherton says:

I want one! Where did you get it?

Manny Real says:

Your a angle fallen from the sky your always looking gorgeous love you girl you drive me crazy

Adam Fibble says:

You look amazing in the suit. Let’s hope you start a trend on the ski slopes

Flower Laksman says:

So sexy! You are not from this planet!

Israel Valentin says:

I really like your jacket you look warm

Ryan Osborne says:

Get the other one. Get the other one!

wizeguiz says:

Wow! I absolutely love it! It almost looks like you time traveled from the future! Jenna Coleman eat your heart out!!!! 🙂

tazice says:

So when are you going to show us, you skiing in that amazing suit

Lachie McFarlane says:

Happy birthday! 🙂

Luis 9567 says:


Jack Oden says:

you look totally Amazing in that

Jack Oden says:

have a Beautiful day

Corrupted Youth says:


Ammar Bait Anbar says:

it looks really warm in

Ricky McKnight says:

You should do cosplay.

Moreira Da Lima says:

it seems you love shiny clothes a lot!


Straight out of back to the future 😀

Ksg Harry says:

Wish u happy birthday.

Pierre Gingras says:

Hello. I want to buy the same suit to my girlfriend. Can you tell me the real measurements of your suit (hips, bust and waist stretch and unstretch). The Dollskill customer service can’t tell me these informations. Thanks in advance.

hue toob says:

I must say I’ve watched a few of your vids and you seem to have cool/fun taste in clothes.

Allan Wright says:

Nice metallic ski suit lovely colour it looks great on you

146timtoolman says:


Michelle D says:

I love the color. But any place cold enough for me to wear something like that I don’t want to be. If it gets that cold I don’t leave the house.

DemonRazor88 says:

Can you make another video wearing that?

Maya J says:

Oh my gosh this suit is amazing! You’ve got to wear it out and about, it’ll make such a unique video!

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