We got some new Snowboarding suits and they are EPIC!
Check out the suits here –
Thumbs up for more snowboarding videos!

We went to Breckenridge to do some Snowboarding. We also got some SICK outfits from Tipsy Elves and we love them. They are so cool looking and comfortable, we definitely recommend getting one if you are looking for some new snowboarding gear.

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LR Cozmicz says:

paint the snow

Tina Wolter says:

Happy Easter

Hamza Plays says:


Expellfar Gaming says:


Thevigilante 1990 says:

Clichè 90’s snowboarding guy’s lifestyle prank? ( inspired by the suits )

Tina Wolter says:


Davis cleveland says:


Quadrant says:

I love hotdogs!

Evelyn Matthews says:

anyways were getting food

Oliver MC says:

10:42 you look at the table, bai is everywhere

Guido Arredondo says:


jellystane : says:

Are you in keystone

Austin Fletcher says:

Did anyone see the lotion on the nightstand in Aaron’s a his friends room

Elisha Vasquez says:

happy Easter

Tonzo Ball says:

happy easter

Zac Child says:

What song

Justin Tuohy says:

What kind of snowboards d you guys have?

Spree says:

I am going to poop, when I get back I expect…. Oh I’m bringing my tablet in the bathroom with me… Ohh

TheAllstarplaya688 says:

Snowboarding vlogs are the bestt

The Scottish Rogans says:

My favourite personally would be the Eddie the Eagle. What’s yours??

McBoss Fishing Productions says:

You should eat at Eric’s pizza it’s in downtown Breckinridge

Giovanni Spatola says:

What are nicks googles pls someone tell me ah

Koala Krush says:

hey I’m one of your fan i have a YouTube channel to, can you give me one kind of vlog I could do thx!

Vishal Goud says:

I’ve never seen you guys partying like other YouTuber’s

Jordan King says:

Hope Your Alright Nick Prayers Love You Guys!!

Antonio Arroyo says:

Are you guys voting for trump

Elisha Vasquez says:


Brendan Doherty says:

Every time I watch these I want to learn to snowboard but every time I fall every two seconds. But it looks really fun but I suck at everything

Oliver MC says:

You are the type of guys that bring Bai everywhere (the drink)

Gavin Winter says:

Justin hair is so awesome

Allison Burde says:

Das coo

SmythJunior says:

We stayed and skied in Breckenridge in 2006! Really awesome place but the altitude is crazy for a ski resort

Oliver MC says:

3:15 I had those, they are spicy

Joel Roldan says:

I got hit by a flying sandwich during gym class


justin looks like a power ranger in his snowboard suit

Hamza Plays says:

Dad can I be the comment of the day

YaBoiGabe ! says:

darn it i wish mary and brit were included they seem like fun to hang out with

Hamza Plays says:


Amy D says:

It’s so calming to watch you guys snowboard. It’s calming to just watch you guys in general.

Fish4Fun says:

Mi used to ski at keystone and I always went night skiing but then all the runs were to easy so I go to copper now

Aleece Campbell says:


Jacob Dopp says:

Didn’t Justin lose a GoPro in the ocean when he was in Hawaii?

Justin Schwab says:

Please do the ridge at Loveland!

Rocio Vega says:

you guys snowboard cool

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