Classic Game Room – Activision’s SKIING for Atari 2600 review

Skiing review. Classic Game Room reviews SKIING for Atari 2600 from Activision released in 1980. Skiing is old school Atari gaming at its finest as you control a little red guy in a ski suit through slalom events and downhill ski racing. Don’t run into trees or you’ll be squashed and lose precious time (you’re always skiing for the best time in SKIING). CGR Skiing Atari 2600 video review has gameplay from Skiing from Activision released in 1980 for the Atari 2600 VCS (video computer system).


flashman92 says:

Does anyone know what music is playing at 2:56

Bawa says:

@volvo145 Its good ok!

volvo145 says:

2 people eat yellow snow.

Eruantano says:

One of the interesting things with this game was if you got a good enough score on one of the races, took a picture of it, and then sent it in to Activision, they one send you a nifty high score patch.

Koruohiatain says:


michael1234252 says:

I never knew activision was around or 31 years

TheMaximus60 says:

Back in the day when Activision used to be an awesome game company now those days are gone and now is just C………

ShakeAlmighty says:

It’s such a quiet, calming game until you hit a pole.

William Jacobs says:

I’m searching the internet for like 25 minutes for the Atari 2600 Music Portal of Power before my wife told me you were joking.

Man, you should SO do that.
You’d make… easily 17 bucks or something.

thanous says:

funny how this review is longer than this game

Bawa says:

@volvo145 Its damn good ok!

Eiad Tarabulsi says:

Activision’s super extreme powered up hyper speed downhill action skiing for Atari 2600.

Jake Sawatzky says:

i just got this in the  ail today, put itin my 4 switch and BAM its fucking skiing

Dražen says:

Much talking you stupit idiot

HAZE_productions says:

Skiing is probably the best game of its type on the 2600.

bluelimosine says:

Did ANYBODY ever get that patch for completing game 3 in under 28 seconds?! I tried several times on both Activision Hits Remixed for the PSP and Activision Anthology for the iPhone, and I can’t get the damn thing!

supremeprime1997 says:

Character’s scream FTW

David Bowe says:

activision made the best atari 2600 games.

SpudAlmighty says:

@ImmaEverything where have you been for 20 years?

verasloane says:

Awesome! i’ve spent hours and hours on this game! Still have it, together with my Atari 2600!

trkoby says:

Damn, something really special about this game… something in the back of my mind shouted for joy as if remembering a moment in my childhood when I coveted this awesome and elusive game.

yorgle11 says:

@michael1234252 The 2600 is how they got started. Activision was formed by a bunch of Atari programmers who weren’t happy with the contracts they had at Atari. They left and started their own company producing games in competition with Atari. Atari didn’t anticipate this scenario and had no mechanism to block unlicensed games on the system. Atari sued but lost, Activision pretty much pioneered the idea of 3rd party game development.

jango1968 says:

horace goes skiing on the zx spectrum is better

dasbakon says:

when the music is added it reminds me of the movie Ski Patrol

neil johnson says:

ahh the days when Activision made games that had diversity not just the same thing over and over like COD

Lambrewski says:

This guy sounds like a game show host

volvo145 says:

@6425gorda and now they are 10 ;o

Jesus Saves says:

We love you man, and your reviews continue to make me laugh and keep me entertained.

TomZeBomb says:

@volvo145 speaking of snow, my first time wating this on new year in 2012 i had to go pee.

Hot Ice Productions says:

you should remake this game using the mutant league hockey engine, and released it as Lord Karnage Skiing.

Pervypriest says:

Almost as good as the vectrex version, yay

Plutos Anomaly and the BS brigade says:


Serpico's Beard says:

I think i had this on the C64, or something very similar.
Fun game.

DylanTheDude1 says:

I remember this game

Keel says:

Mark, update your Atari man. The portal of power is so 5.1, everyone uses the new holographic ar shop now.

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