7 Tips for Buying a Snowboard Jacket


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In this video I’ve got seven tips for buying a new snowboard jacket. The first tips it to shop around a few stores to find the brands and style of snowboard jackets you like. The second tips is find a snowboard jacket that has a good fit. Next, find materials that are comfortable to ride in. Then check out the price of the jacket and make sure it fits into your budget. The fifth tip is to check out the jacket features and tech. Next, check the water proofing of the snowboard jacket and make sure it suites the condition you’ll be riding in. Finally make sure the jacket suites your personal style.

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Chris Langley says:

I have a heavy jacket but I love it and it’s comfortable and keeps the snow out is this ok

Rolando Esmit says:

I’m looking at buying the Dakine wyeast like you’ve got or the garrison. I’m 6’2” and seem to be the build as you. what size did you go with?

cyrus69000 says:

that is one uglly looking jacket, mate


Check my new video and let me know what you think:)!

neaumusic says:

i have a sessions jacket, scared to buy any other brand online, probably have to go to REI

Lloyd Rice-Cook says:

I’ve also got a Dakine Wyeast, will this be suitable for a whole season in Whistler?

Dan Sayer says:

I want THAT jacket hahahah

Evan Gillespie says:

where did you buy your orange airblaster jacket?

Dhruv Luhar says:

Would you recommend putting an adhesive gopro mount on a board? Couldnt using a blow dryer or heat gun to take it off mess with the boards laminates?

WorldTree says:

Get somesort of waterproof undershirt and just wear a baggy hoodie.

Finnegan 9973 says:

From which company is this jacket?

Mitchell Schumacher says:

Which jacket is this, i cant find it anywhere

Moshe Eisen says:

Hey, I’m looking to buy new snowboard gear, I live in New York, I can’t find a snow shop near me, do you know of any? Do you think ordering online is a bad idea?

Eric Fana says:

I am 5’8 tall , average built guy as well & really want to buy this jacket but not sure if I should order a medium or large . I want it to hit thighs length, help me out since you got the jacket already , guide me in the right direction @snowboardprocamp

James Leudolph says:

holy shit who byes a jacket for 1000 dollars!?

Madden36 says:

What kind of jacket can I get for 48 cents and a old lemon? Cause that’s my financial status.

pineapple the fruit dude says:

i just bought a last years jacket for 85€

劉帛庭 says:

Hi , I have a question ! how long the jacket need to wash?
a season or each snowboarding travel end??

Geraldine Tan says:

Am buying a jacket online and am trying to estimate the size of the jacket I should get. How much larger should that size of the jacket be if I am going to add layers underneath (thermal, hoodie, t-shirt)?

Also, how much does breathability matter for a jacket?

Dustin Keiser says:

what size is your jacket?

BenRangel says:

My tips: 1. Pockets with zippers! So many stupid snowboard jackets skip the zippers, which is terrible if you’re a beginner who might fall, or hold your jacket upside down during after-ski 🙂 It’s nice to have a large inner pocket with a zipper. And an arm pocket for the skipass.
2. Insulation or just a shell? Think about where you’re gonna ski. Layers are great but honestly sometimes it’s nice with a tiny bit of insulation.
3. Feel the cuffs and zippers. If you’re annoyed by those things the jacket is not gonna be a good experience.

Nadja Sarahman says:

Here you can buy this product: http://ali.pub/mwfzl

Madeira Rigo says:

can teach how to buy a snowboard equipment ?

Slothy Fishing says:

Can you do a video on how to progress plz

Leevi21 says:

is 686 a good brand

John M says:

What size is the jacket in the video?

Zane Wetzstein says:

Q&A: Hello Kevin, I am on the taller side too and I’m wondering if there are any tips for tall riders. Thanks 🙂

Brant Rhodes says:

Hey kev can you do tips for buying gloves vs mitts and what to look for thanks

Florine de V says:

Maybe it would be fun to introduce the people you often ride with in a video. Showing their tricks, but also letting them tell about their experience so far, funny/inspiring stories etc when you’re in the lift.

Alex Molkin says:

Hey Kevin, what size did you end up choosing for that jacket? I’m 6’4′ and similar composure (skinny) – having problems figuring out if I want L or XL. Thank you.

Mike Fisher says:

Hey Kevin, I noticed you said you’re 6’3″ I’m 6’5″ got any tips for tall riders like us? I feel like this is a little man’s sport sometimes…

Torstein Nordgulen says:

Will a good snowboarding hoodie be okay? im thinking about the dryden riderhood anthracite.

Jon Rossi says:

What’s the best snowboarding app to track your stats

Jordan Main says:

You would like Armada jackets they make theirs a little longer, and offer all the great features

Mark Mulder says:

man i am from the netherland and they dont ship that jacket to the netherland.. love the jacket.

felix5740g says:

Just curious but … whats the real difference between a 300$ jacket and a ,lets say, 70-100$ jacket? I got mine for like 60€ (ski+snowboard jacket alround thing blabla) and it basically has all the things you mentioned aswell. It’s only waterproof up to 5K or something but I never ran into any trouble.

Sebastian selada says:

kevin is it better to buy a shell or insulated?

Atu Oma says:

Do you detune your snowboards?

Rolando Esmit says:

I’m looking at getting the Dakine Wyeast like you got or the garrison. I’m 6’2” and have the same build as you it seems. What size is your coat in this video?

LHUPA says:

Awesome demonstration!… What’s the brand of this one on you video?

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