LINE Skis Pin 2011 Ski Pole

These sticks are great for jibbing! Shorter than your dad’s ski poles, but still longer than your tall tee, they’re the lightest stick with the skinniest grip in the world!

* LENGTHS: Inches: 38, 40, 42, 44 cm: 96, 101, 106, 111
* STICK: Strong and super light 6,000 Series Aluminum
* GRIP: Skinny bike bar tape for easy grabs
* STRAP: Lightweight printed coolness
* BASKET: Small and round
* TIP: Pointy!


Line Skis says:

@riderwithani not the size of the pole that matters sir

Jacob Varnadore says:

what size are the baskets, cause i lost one of em one day..

KingBoshua says:


iFreeSki1 says:


Tale D says:

18th. EP just told me how to save mad money. tape + Coins on top… easy way to save $60

joshua amato says:

1:04 that…. are a lot of skis right there

Josh Ribeiro says:

i just got a set of the ep paintbrushes they kick ass

Tale D says:

@lovroj true.. *easy way to save $58.65

viktor ohlsson says:

hahahahhah love the first part XDXDXDXDXDXDXDXD

lovroj says:

@The2Chewbaccs lol ya

William Thresh says:

What is a good suggestion for a freestyle skier of a pole lengh? I am 6ft.

Blake Henderson says:

Line is just charging more money for a smaller pole cause they need the money… SAD!

Ian Burson says:


BikesAndBoards4Life says:

16th…what is this for???

costellomaster says:


riderwithani says:

short poles are for fashion skiers. If you’re not going to use them for pole planting, then they are an accessory. Real all mountain skiers use real poles. sorry “guys”.

Calder Glowac says:

could ian compoton wear his goggles any lower?

Veeti Ossi says:

0:43 what pole is that?

Jibereh says:


did you guys know that 8=D?

Trenton M says:

14th (which is 1st)

X says:

haha the intro

Line Skis says:

@stiants they’re on there pretty good so best to bring to a shop or get em in a good vice clamp and bang with a rubber hammer.

The Young Katz says:

i found a broken one at breck and turned it into a gopro mount.

FlexAron says:

will these pole grips come off in hot water or are they screwed on?

lovroj says:

@The2Chewbaccs you lose whatever coins you put in the grip

stormkid198 says:

@Monehan kiddies pole bend too easy foo. i gotta keep ma knar on with now winnie tha fuckin poo graphics in my hands!

karedo says:


Owen Walker says:

skiers need some way to move without skating which you can’t really do easily in chairlift lines… but i agree a little cuz ive never owned short poles that ive cut or purposely bought… shorter poles are better for freestyle but i just go no pole these days

so i just buy line poles cuz they look sick and i can still use em for all mountain skiing… cuz you can’t do moguls, glades and many steeps without poles (or at least well, cuz when i do i look like a dumbass)

William Steevenson says:

@riderwithani a salalom skier uses his poles to bash away gate, not for pole planting. does that make his poles an accessory too?

stiants says:

when im going to cut the poles, i am going to take of the grip, but how hot and how long is the poles suppose to lay beside a own? i took of the top, is there something else i need to take of to loosin the grip?

therainbowbus says:

I’m putting BMX mushroom grips on mine =D

Monehan says:

why not buy kids poles instead of destroying perfectly good ones?

William Thresh says:

Alright sweet I will be picking up some pointy sticks with grips soon for some even more steez.

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