LINE Skis Dart 2011 Ski Pole

Drag these all-terrain sticks all over the mountain and through the park, then just lift them in the air and grab your skis with ease anytime you want…or don’t.


Rhys Mclaughlin says:

i have these poles and they are bent, i know every pole bends, and are quite long even though they were the “jib” size and seemed a little heavy. I wouldnt buy them (recived as a gift) you might as well just get cheap ones from garage sales or thrift stores because they seem over priced.

Josh Ribeiro says:

name one pointy object that you cant be impaled with

Tristan Cholewicki says:

Dude! were can i get thoes cuz i go to thelink and they replaced them with non-cool ones ):

Line Skis says:

@101Podman the top is plastic..but looks like metal and yes..pointy things can sometime impale you, watch out now!

Cummins Haulin' says:

@dvdvoorhees Perfect I think I’m going 42s. Thanks for the info!

teemu828 says:

FIRST! looks awsome!

F-P Boulay says:

Hi guys, i would like to know what is ur cam ! GoPro ??

SkyZorr says:

you do relise your arguing with the company that makes a product about there product right?

longlanenate says:

I just snapped a pair of these yesterday =(

Kellen Bouvier says:

i always pee my pants in the beginning

Line Skis says:

@dagmarskiing At least you can get skis, maybe the world is telling you to explore the no poles! 0.o

Line Skis says:

@opmfsnipe see the website for costs..thanks!

crazy jerry says:

how much do they cost ?

xMrSki360x says:

where can i buy it online? i can’t find it.

TheLearningisfun says:

dont people realize that every ski pole existing will snap….all the time… dont blame line

Ra Koia says:

cunninlynguists “the gates” but it sounds like dubstep remix or something. sick song

Brynjar Tvedt says:

Hi! 🙂
What’s the background song?
Yes, it’s in the end of the video, but i can’t find it

Chris Engman says:


Heinz says:

yiha, got the dart! awesome pole, love the grip!

Caleb Tagg says:

should i put the straps through my hands? these will be my first poles, i never used them but on windy or sticky days its hard to get qspeed so im getting poles now. so should i putmy hands through the straps or just ny thumbs or what? please reply

cam21fr says:

@dagmarskiing just look how good andy from traveling circus is with no poles. lol

Cummins Haulin' says:

I’m about to order my pair of Darts but I have to ask about sizing. I’m 5’11” and I don’t know what size to get. I want to shred park with them but also be able to get around the mountain. 42, 44, or 46?

Line Skis says:

The Space Needle

FreeSki4Life720 says:

@sweetStait i suggest putting your hands through them 😛 my personal opinion because sometimes they get stuck in the snow and you dont wanna have to go back up and get them, or if ur hittin a jump or somthing u dont want ur poles flying away.. so i suggest using the straps but try it for yourself and see how you feel both ways

coca3cola3dino says:

look at that guy in the red on the snowboard. he better be jelly.

Corey Young says:

@TGives 42s should be chill im 5’9″ and i ride 36s for park but they still work fine for groomers

Duncan Mac says:

apparently the tops come off easy i just got a pair, my buddy told me i donno how he knows this, he seems to think he knows alot about everything.. this true?

Line Skis says:

@CRAZYslowpoke they’re good but we prefer the light aluminum and dont like holding fishing poles.

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