Line Pin Freestyle Ski Pole

To get the Line Pin ski poles click or copy and paste the link below-


Use:Park/Jibbing, Freestyle
Shaft:Strong and light 6K Series Aluminum
Straps:Lightweight printed coolness
Grip:Skinny bike bar tape for easy grabs
Baskets:Small and round

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Joshua Cooper says:

@sleightofhandjob it all depends, you can get the attachment that gopro sells and mount it on the grip, or if the poles break, you can use the attachment to mount it on the thicker part of the pole. but you cannot mount it on the end of the pole. hope that answered your question.

a0522625 says:

I like small poles when I’m riding moguls or riding glades and hitting natural features like stalling on tree stumps, sliding logs, or transitioning from rocky wooded areas. again pole size is personal preference. and if I was going to use poles for filming on a go pro, I would just grab a free single cheapy. like rental poles

a0522625 says:

You actually don’t need short poles for freestyle at all its really all personal preference. I have skied many Slopestyle and Jibfest competitions with regular size poles (90 degree at the elbow from the fist and the basket planted in the snow). I prefer longer poles on the rails because it provides more of a counterbalance when spinning out or on. The whole point of Small Poles is for skiing moguls and making pole plants on top of the moguls. CSIA 2, CADS 2, Park and Pipe Ski Instructor.

a0522625 says:

The line pin ski poles are a good pole light, but realitively stiff and prone to bending because their made with a 6000 aluminum, broken a pair in transition to a handplant. So I just prefer the line pollards in a full size ski pole they are much stronger with a 7005 billet aluminum body.

a0522625 says:

Its really more of a style thing that emerged, with the Give a no shit additude that most newschool freestyle ski duchebags have. Not saying that all Newschool free riders are duches but most of them are, and have that additude because their parents buy them new gear every year unless they recieve a sponsorship. They don’t respect their shit, and treat others like crap on the hill. I teach Park and Pipe Skiing and hate how disrespectful some of them are to my park students.

Joshua Cooper says:

@jacobfb12 its all about personal preference, some people like them a tad bit below the waist and some people like them a foot and a half long, it doesn’t really make a difference, cut sections off one at a time and ski each time to see what you like. then you wont make the mistake of cutting them too short

Eli Miloff says:

can you mount a go pro on these poles? plz respond!

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