Gear Review: Costco’s $30 Carbon Fiber Trekking Poles

For those without a Costco membership, these poles are also available on Amazon here:

Black Diamond Flex Tips:

Leki Flextips:

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Hiking for Health CA says:

Thanks for this great review!

Darwin onthetrail says:

This video was Amazing Joe Man!

Hike On,

kobebryant says:

these poles have taken me all over the catskills this year, cant be beaten for the price. I’ve never had a slip with these, the flip lock works great, and the cork feels good. What more can you ask for?

Dgray says:

Your comments also agree perfectly with my experience with these poles. My tips were reduced to perfectly smooth nubs with no bite whatsoever after about 300 miles, most of which was Sierra granite on the JMT this summer. I changed out the worn tips for Black Diamond carbide ones and I now feel like I have a top notch pair of poles.

Hidden Logic says:

Your videos are usless without the cat.

JP JPJP says:

I was really looking quite some time for reliable budget poles and your review really got my attention. Quick look online and found your article as well as a few others’ opinions on this pole. Straight to Amazon via your link and made the purchase.

Many thanks!

Diana Hammond says:

And they are now $45 on Amazon!

David Dubay says:

I ended up with a twist lock ones and then do rattle a bit but they are still pretty awesome.

David Getchel says:

I picked these up for the CDT when you’d mentioned them last year. Worked great! Used to pitch my soloplex as well. I did lose one off the side of the trail when I almost slipped to my death.

RT Steele says:

A fair review. Mine have about 1000 miles on them. They outlasted a pair if Leki’s (shock cord broke). I agree with most everything you said.

TeachonTheTrail 555 says:

Great poles at a great price. Been promoting these for years.

Jeff Wallen says:

I just got these poles and cannot wait to give them a try. I am new to back packing and cost was a big factor getting all the new gear. Love the Costco deal! Thanks for posting this review. Nice to know I have a good start with these poles.

Jim Cook says:

Speaking of tarp setup, when ya gonna help a guy out with a tarping how-to video? Looking to you since you’ve put in so many trail miles with just a tarp for shelter.

Eric Hobbs says:

And Amazon ship to Australia. Think that I found a set of poles to try. Thanks for the review.

Matthew Kuepper says:

i loved mine until they broke. 6 inches above the tip. many backpacking trips and 4 years later i believe they lasted. well worth the money but was truly sad when they broke.

m Dixon says:

This gear review was extra vaporwavy and your telekinesis is inspiring.

We need more of this!

Y YY says:

what’s for BGM?

jake furlong says:

I got these as a present a few years ago and they sat in my basement until last summer. I agree with everything you said. Great poles for the money. I live in Denver and hike the Rockies quite often and I pretty much just use these 100% of the time. Great videos Joe. I’m a big fan.

Billy B says:

Great video

SW Norcraft says:

I really enjoyed your thru hike videos………..good stuff! Like this review. A review is truly authentic and believable when the reviewed item has been through the mill……..thoroughly tested. Joe, you do just that. I am inspired to purchase these trekking poles. They appear to be a great value. Keep up the good work.

Christopher Smith says:

I’ve seen these recommended by loads of Youtubers for people looking for lightweight gear on a budget. Carbon fibre poles with cork grips and flick locks for this price? You can’t really go wrong with these. I was a bit worried they might break so your comments about these being a bit more beefy was really helpful. Thanks a lot!

Adventures with Frodo says:

Actually they are superior to the lake poles. The lock mechanism will fail, particularly in cold weather if you try to adjust them, the leki poles that is. The lock on the is not as heavy duty as BD poles, but it isbetter then the friction twist lock. Thanks.

Warren Davidson says:

I have had these poles for about 350 miles and I love them.  I weight ranges from 220 to 230 and they have saved my butt from falling multiple times.  I would definitely purchase them again and they for the FYI on the tips.

Larry Guy says:

Great video. I do love a deal.

I have a couple of yards of duct tape on my right hand pole. Can always tell them apart, even in the dark.

Jim Fortner says:

Great review. These look alot like the hiker hunger poles sold on Amazon for around $70. Same hardware, cork grips, poles, markings, extra rubber feet, snow baskets and bag. I’ve been really liking these poles and their light weight. They also work great with a duplex. Great review and production. Wish I had seen this before I bought the hiker hunger poles so I could have saved some money. But even at $70 these poles are a good value in my opinion.

Burger1097 says:

Love mine. Especially the lower grip for going uphill. The complaints I see here of broken poles seem like normal wear and tear. Fall on a pole or catch it between rocks and keep walking? It might break!

Joseph Arsenault says:

I’m convinced. Picking up a pair tomorrow. Thanks for the review, very helpful

ootypooty says:

is this hikewave?

The Hiking Sailor on the AT 2018 says:

Darn already purchased my new trekking poles.

Hannah Ulrich says:

Awesome review!!! Very thorough and helpful! I’ve been debating poles and this review pushed me over to the “yup” side.

fbnc11 says:

These are the only poles I know. I live in the south so you won’t find them in Costco here. I got them from amazon for 45.00. I gave them to my son and ordered the cascade mountain tech aluminum poles for $15.99, there a oz or so heavier but have a fantastic swing weight. Great reveiw!!

Reverend Al says:

Back in 2017 I got aluminum trekking poles off of for $24 and when I did I got four extra tips. I just checked and found some for $1 apiece. I used mine on the PCT and when I got to Kennedy Meadows is when I noticed that one of my points had chipped off.

STeVe PNW says:

I used these all last summer. Everything you say Joe, is true. My biggest concern was not knowing where to get replacement tips. *Thanks to you* , now I know where to get them.


Regarding DURABILITY = YES they definitely *Rrr* ! ! !

Stay Out There,

Nathan Rieck says:

Loved mine until about 250 miles in when one tip got caught between two rocks when I was going downhill……snapped about 6 inches up from the tip. Also when I was out on the JMT I found some pieces of one when going over a snow field, someone fell and snapped one of them and they didn’t pick up all the pieces…. I repaired mine with an old fiberglass rod and two part glue stuff. They still work but now one weighs several ounces more than the other so I went ahead and bought a new set from black diamond and love them, they weigh more but are more durable, love the videos and the editing!

ChrisWanz says:

I bought two sets of these Poles at Costco 3 years ago and they are awesome! I’ve never owned a set of Treking poles before, and I really like these.

Ron O. says:

Great video, Joe. How long do the poles extend? Thanks!

Hank Bishop says:

Joe, many thanks great review! Just bought a pair from Amazon but was not able to find them on Costco.

Sawyer Squeeze says:

Retro! I dig.

Gusto St. Cool says:

I never used poles before, but I saw some Kelty ones on Amazon for like 22 bucks. So, I ordered ’em. Not bad. They’re not carbon fiber, but…I kinda dig ’em.

Keifer says:


ChrisFromFlorida Hansen says:

I’ve got both Black Diamond and Leki cork handle poles and must say I prefer BD’s straps better due to the thumb pads. Only got the Leki because of their replacement policy. However, for the Costco cost difference I’d give the Cascade poles a try if they were ever stocked in South Florida. I’ll look on line to see if they available.

billy joe denny says:

thanks for the vid , going to costcos

Ced Kar says:

Great review, miss your vids man! Wishing you a great start in 2018.

Mike Lawrence says:

Joe, thank you for backing up what I have been telling my friends about these poles for a few years. I fell in love with the PCT and backpacking in 2016 and your PCT thru hike videos were the first I ever watched. I have since section hiked the first 210 miles of the PCT (I live in San Diego) and have hiked sections in Big Bear and the Sierra and am planning my thru hike of it in 2019. Keep the great videos coming. On another note, I make and post my own YouTube channel PCT hikes on the different Facebook PCT groups, and your mom wrote me there and said she was your mom and she liked my videos and subscribed. That was very cool and she said she was very proud of you. I told her about you being the first thru hike for the PCT I ever watched and she thought that was cool. Would love to hear from you, but either way keep up the great videos, I really enjoy them…

Hiking for Sanity says:

We purchased two pairs of the Cascade Mountain poles in 2015. I have used them exclusively since Spring 2015. I’ve used them hiking in the Northern and Central cascades in Spring, Summer and Fall. I used them on snow shoe trips near Mount Rainier. I took them with me on trips to the Az Superstiions and Northern CA PCT. I have never had an issue with them and love the versatility.Cant beat the pricing..

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