What happens when you ski into a tree at 30kph?

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We already know that wearing a helmet when you go skiing is safer, but new crash test dummy-based research suggests not wearing one should no longer be an option. For the first time in the UK, crash test dummies were used to simulate collisions with a tree at ten, 20 and 30kph both with and without a ski helmet on. Scientists monitored three key areas of the body for the force of the impacts and likely injuries to the head, neck, and chest. The study by Direct Line travel insurance and the Transport Research Laboratory revealed that skiers wearing a helmet experience at least two thirds less force than those not wearing one. At just 20kph the study found the head encounters nearly two tonnes of force if the skier is not wearing a helmet. Report by Mark Morris.

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Jeff Hahn says:

I wear a helmet to protect me against wipeouts that aren’t severe enough to kill me, rather those times I wipeout wear I might tumblr or impact the snow hard enough to injure me. Helmets won’t save you if you hit a tree skiing fast. A young man died this February skiing when he impacted a group of trees chest first. His lungs collapsed instantaneously and his aorta ruptured killing him before he hit the snow. It’s not just your head you need to be concerned with. The bottom line is we are recreational skiers, stay in control, keep your speed to a safe mph and remember that getting home to your family is more important than any trick you attempt, how fast you ski (thanks Ski Tracks) or how rad you are. Keep your ego in check, stay humble, stay alive to ski another day and many more seasons.

Invisble Ninja5000 says:

English people should just stay indoors. They pretty much suck at everything

Christopher Haines says:

Seen my sister smack into a tree 3 times bigger than her and it looks like she was hugging it on her skis.  Fucking hilarious and scary as fuck at the same time.

Vasich lolcode says:

who in their right mind would just keep going straight with their head first into a tree?
this is not a realistic test at all, it almost never happens like that.
80-90% of the time you will get most of the impact on your middle body/arms, humans have a natural instinct to keep their head away from danger and put their hands first if its unavoidable.
when it comes to hitting tree’s or other vertical objects i would say your body armor is just as important as a helmet, unfortunately people think their spines and chest are made out of steel and way to much focus is placed on helmets only.

Lewis says:

To be honest, on the dummy the helmets don’t look bad.

Jonny Deth says:

The real concern is why not simply spend the money and absolutely GUT those areas of trees?
Eliminate the risk rather than try to minimize injury. 

LaosBuffalo says:

the head the neck the chest the balls.   oouuuccchhhh.

GBC 麻木 says:

who in the fuck would ride straight into a tree without attempting to stop or idk fall before you hit the tree. Thats what i always tell my friends when i take them to the slopes. Fall before you hit the tree

David Joyce says:

2/3 less force at 30 MPH = totally messed up and most likely death

Enso ,LLC says:

Pure death.

ELPaso1990TX says:

But there’s still nothing to protect the neck, that looks like serious whiplash

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