Unboxing: Ruroc RG1-X Carbon + MagLoc Snowboarding Helmet (& How-To)

My first unboxing video! Check out my brand new Ruroc RG1-X Carbon Limited Edition 2015/16! Thanks to Matt from Ruroc for hooking me up with this sweet and sexy setup!

For more info – https://www.ruroc.com/limited-editions-201516/104-rg1-x-carbon.html

John Deley – Bumper Tag
Joe Bagale – Chicago
RW Smith – Done Runnin
Silent Partner – Frequency
Audionautix – I Like Peanuts
Riot – Let Go

Shot with: Logitech C920
Audio: Blue Yeti

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Artist: http://audionautix.com/


Kings Choice Gaming says:

Very very very excited to buy this helmet!! It was love at first sight when I first saw this helmet.

Freek Eigenraam says:

Cool looking but not really convenient if u ask me

Kool Venom gaming says:

I get that people don’t like this helmet, for me personally I don’t like the style but I’m not gonna be like wow that guys fucking gay like people chill it’s his not yours

ollie lane says:

why are some many people calling this guy a faggot just for getting a slightly different looking helmet

1MoreMatch says:

Ruroc is a shit company I purchased a $300 helmet and it was creaked I could not send it back because they wanted me to spend $50 to send it back…. AND no location added to send back message me


How does it compare with the Asian Fit?

Comrade X7 says:

Thanks for the video, this pretty much answered all questions I had about the helmet. Keep up the good work!

Joseph Krieger says:

does it fog up? im considering getting myself one it seems like with the design it would take your breath right up to the goggles.

Kick Veldman says:

its the uglyest helmet i have ever seen. snowboarders will laugh at you for wearing this hahaha. look like dark father lol

Jeremy E says:

gay asf

Michael says:

only problem is it makes u look like an absolute dildo on the hill who knows nothing about skiing

Chris P says:

Fuck everyone. This helmet looks different, but I think it looks sick. Definitely has a master chief vibe to it and I used to be big on Halo. Regardless, it offers certified protection with great looking lenses and that’s all that matters.

Sofia Notch says:

You said you wear your helmet loose and I got a ruroc and even with a thick hat it’s still moves around my head is that ok or not

MotoChiever one says:

I got myself the special edition Void and I am super excited to use it!

AG Coarseman says:

These aren’t the droids you’re looking for….

Kaleb Moore says:

does anybody know if these fog up really fast if you sweat or like breathe fast

Daniel Schlegel says:

why is everyone hating on the helmet?

Pavle Ljubic says:


Sean Markow says:

how will the goggles ventilate with all the vents covered?

Jaron Bessette says:

You’re supposed to shave before u go to a hot tropical place or else that happens to your chin

Stephanie Ramirez Barreto says:

why are the comments so rude?

drift 219 says:

Damn it…..It looks amazing but it cost to much for me 🙁

RedLegend117 says:

Bust got my chrome grey limited edition today, already love it

Chris Lombard says:

Jerry got his storm trooper helmet!

Alpha Doge says:

why is many ppl calling him faggot for using this helmet?

Baseball_ King says:

what happens to u face I’m new

Joe Wilkinson says:

That tan line

Manatee204 says:

Helmet looks great if you wanna be the biggest faggot on the hill

AGx KHAOS says:

Is it bad that i bought one of these for airsoft? Lol

Jeremy Ryan says:

that’s pretty badass helmet

unknown russian says:

did you have a skin transplant coz and iam first time here

rhymeforever says:

Great video man, looks sweet!!

Michael S. says:

Bad ass looking helmet.

Nagy Tomas says:

That helmet is awesome.

Owen Kaufman says:

Jerry just upgraded to being a faggot with his new Ruroc.

Jason Colbourne says:

Stupid storm trooper helmet

Jaron Bessette says:

What’s up with your face

castrodasmurteiras says:

Cheers for the vid, considering getting one of these

Cactus Anal says:

could i wear a ruroc helmet on a snowmobile?

Robert Few says:

LOVE my Ruroc. totally isolates you from the elements… add some bluetooth earbuds for complete brilliance of skiing.

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