Unboxing: Ruroc RG1-DX Onyx + Yes for Glasses (Snowboard Helmet Review)

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Only my second unboxing video ever! Check out my brand new Ruroc RG1-DX Onyx 2017/2018! Thanks again to Matt from Ruroc for hooking me up with yet another sweet and sexy setup! Some pretty awesome upgrades from the RG1-X!

For more info – https://www.ruroc.com/en/rg1-dx-helmets/397-rg1-dx-onyx.html

Music: Vibe Tracks – Greedy

Shot with: Sony Alpha a5000
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(CAN) https://amzn.to/2qaXEBx

Audio: Blue Yeti
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Eugene Lee says:

Love the review. What size is your head? I’m around a 23″ diameter, and looks like that puts me in the M/L category based on their website. I feel like I’ve got a large head, and worried it’s going to be too small. Also, have you ever had issues with the balaclava and the mask? One review said that wearing the balaclava under the mask caused fogging. That makes it tough for me. Thanks!

JC PRO says:

how could you buy a second one, these helmets are fucking garbage

Zymurgii says:

we need a riding review! take it to blue!

m00vie says:

what about scratches on your Onyx after season ended? Is it looks good or it’s like jet black iphone?)))

Cowboy- 69 -Bande says:

Are you gonna Do a give away?

Bruh Sweet says:

I picked up my RG1-DX after watching your original unboxing video. Really glad i picked it up Ive been charging real hard and getting to those crazy speeds now that I have that full face protection.

Kidneyfeef says:

This is the second review of seen of the helmet, looks really cool! After seeing Ipod’s crash yesterday, made me wonder if this helmet might have saved his face a bit. Either way, any plans to upload any videos of you shredding this season?? Keep uploading man!

Project Sim Media says:

Thanks for the vid. What size hat do you wear?

toetiger008 says:

How does the Asian Fit goggles feel compared to the regular fit? Does the extra padding really make a difference in terms of comfort? Did you have any gap at the nose bridge with the regular fit goggles?

Mike K says:

Nice review and comparison with sizes. I’m curious, do you know if the goggles are all standard size or do they vary in size with the size of the helmet? Main reason why I’m asking is because I wear glasses as well and I’m curious if the larger size helmet will have bigger goggles. Thanks!

jotunboy81 says:

Do you know if all helmets come with goggles or is that a separate purchase?

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