Snowboarding Helmet and Goggle Integration – From Dad to Rad |

There’s two ways to set up your helmet and googles. Watch SnowboardProCamp’s Kevin Piece teach Sunglass Rob how to ditch the old school and wear his gear like he was born to shred.

While neither way is wrong, Kevin’s setup offers extra advantages that Rob’s doesn’t. Kevin’s goggles and strap are inside the helmet which can be better for getting that perfect seal around the face. This seal is what keeps the elements out for better fog prevention and ultimately better visibility.

Okay, so maybe the dad way isn’t wrong, but Kevin’s setup is better. His hood will keep his goggles dry even with outside precipitation. And bonus, Kevin’s goggles don’t sit on his helmet when he tilts them up, so anything that might be on his helmet never touches the inner foam lining of his goggles.

If you’re sold on configuring your helmet and goggles like a pro, here’s the step-by-step for Kevin’s setup:

1. Put on your beanie nice and snug
2. Fit goggles over beanie (beanie acts as part of the seal)
3. (If you have a hood like Kevin, now is the time to put it on)
4. Put on your helmet
5. Do a check for any gaps

If the fit is comfortable then it’s time to hit the slopes!

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John Lumapas says:

The Dude in the back LOL!

Austen Fisher says:

guy on the left kinda looks like david blane lol

Christine Mccurley says:

Ha doesn’t matter what Kevin does, that dude is far from rad lmao

PiMpiNx187 says:

Goggles under the helmet are for wannabe xgames riders

Lucifer Morningstar says:

What about the buckle? For want of a better word? It’s fairly chunky on my Airbrake XLs and hurts if I wear my goggles under my helmet. Any advice?

Wolfhuber says:

In my opinion it looks kinds dumb,goggles over the helmet with EarPods looks cool and classy,just my opinion

allhemp says:

Круто спасибо cool

Corn Dog says:

LOL @ Goofball Tyler xDDD

Lil View says:

1:31 the moment he realized he was doing everything wrong

David Dobbs says:

After seeing the guy in the background with that shirt I didn’t care about anything in this video but that shirt!

Jandrija Sever says:

What kind of helmet does Kevin have on?

Nicholas Giles says:

what hood does kevin have on? looks dope

ASpec818 says:

Goggle over helmet is still better as you can just prop up your goggles on the lift.

Jordan McSween says:

with the under option how well dose lifting your goggles go? bc i feel like it would pull on the strap and then when you put it back down it will be loose

samoahbay says:

What does ‘rad’ and ‘dad’ stand for?

brandon b says:

99% goggle under riders look like fucking Jerry’s. I dont care how well you ride, you look like a clown who cant dress properly. There is almost always a rediculous gap.. the helmet gets pushed up and the strap gets pushed down. Somehow the dude on the right pulls it off though. But i wear goggle over, smith helmet and oakleys.. zero gap, complete goggle to face seal, snug helmet and warm ears. Goddamn jerrys.

Jay Nguyen says:

still like the dad way better imo

Jairo The Pyro says:

Do people wear their goggles underneath their helmets even with the earpads on? I really like the earpads i have on my helmet

Colin Cooper says:

Where is Kevin’s balaclava from?

Jack Mierzwinski says:

its all out the helmet you use it has to be like a skate board looking one that sits lower on the head

MrTrex183 says:

Rock out with your cock out Rob!

Sean Markow says:

Lol they sponsored their own video.

vasily zaitsev says:

One more advantage when a helmet is over the beanie and google: you can hear the phone, and speak not taking it off ))) it’s so uncomfortable in ear pads to speak the phone!

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