Ruroc RG1-DX Snowboard Helmet Review


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Instrumental produced by Chuki:

In this video I am trying out one of Ruroc’s RG1-DX full face snowboard helmets. These are actually very high quality helmets that are designed with comfort and performance in mind, and they are very functional. These helmets offer the next level of protection and the goggle technology offers great peripheral vision while doing a great job of staying fog free. I feel that personally I would want to frequently be removing the mouth guard piece, and I do not want to be limited to just Ruroc goggles so I will not be switching full time to this helmet, although I will likely be using it every once in a while throughout this season. Overall the helmet is comfortable and is a good option for those of you who feel that you want/need the protection offered by a full-face helmet. Let us know your questions in the comments below, thanks for watching!


felipe b says:

Anyone who wears this helmet is a walking L

Adam Badger says:

Nope, wankey

Larry Hart says:

You would have to pay me at least 300$ to wear this for a day on the hill.

AlvaroDigital says:

Good review… and comments have good points. Look like a Star Wars Trooper vs breaking your jaw and loosing some teeth.

oli bone says:

Never seen a decent rider wearing this shit, only kooks.

Coyote_ chuck says:

what are the odds, I was riding with a guy today who was rocking this setup. he got a lot compliments on it

Ryan William says:

Should demo the Rome Mod Rocker plz

Eribel Martinez says:

good review

TJ Prescott says:

I have the ruroc. It’s a great helmet. Warm asf!!!

Young ADV says:

Haha the comments here will basically convince any potential buyer of this that they’re a jerry, gaper, or chotch if they buy this.

Edgar M says:

still done get why anyone would want to buy one of these… but hey different strokes for different folks

immercoolmini Immercool says:

But can u wear glasses underneath it?

Johnnie Chen says:

Is that keystone?

Liam Tutorials says:

Looks like a stormtroopers helmet

ian winter says:

the Darth Vader. Looks strong and solid! Is it easy to remove the mouth peace without putting off the helmet?

Ian C Hill says:


Jack P says:

Lmao, when I first saw this helmet in real life I thought it was a joke! Only Jerry’s would think this is cool and buy it, let alone wear it. I’m 100% positive that anyone who buys this will look back on their mistake once they get decent at snowboarding and they’ll buy a real helmet, not some Halloween costume storm trooper helmet.

Sonnychiba11 Sanz says:

*step ons

Parker Garland says:

he’s trying to be max parrot with the ruroc and nobadday board

Ryan Stahl says:

This thing in retarded

Alex lopacinski says:

This makes this page 10 times more of a Jerry channel


probably the worst helmet ive ever bought, the goggles are garbage, they fog within 30 minutes of wearing it. do yourself a favour, dont buy this overpriced garbage, spend the money on a decent helmet and a nice pair of goggles.

Nunya Bizness says:

Shit looks like fuze from siege

Taylor Folkman says:

Just love this product. It provides extra protection and style. Would recommend to anybody who shreds.

Alex S. says:

$360??? Unbelievable, no way would I drop that amount for a helmet, goggles, and mask. You can get a good helmet, goggles, and mask for $100 total.

Robert Few says:

You need to take it out when it’s blowing a gale and the snow is coming down relentlessly that’s when this helmet feels fantastic.

B Damned says:

If you wear this helmet, you probably also wear Crocs.

Tristan van Niekerk says:

Also Ruroc is working with Max Parrot to make a non full face helmet that is lighter and stronger than most traditional helmets, and is compatible with other goggle types, so I would stay tuned for that in case you are interested.

Skate the6 says:

Ruroc helmets r whack whenever I see mans wearing that shit they look like fuckin next mans

John Stadnyk says:

How much experience should u have before first black diamond

Hayden Bietz says:

Can you use any goggles

Vince C says:

nice full toe turn circle, do a How to do a Full circle toe turn!!

Corey Truhn says:

Ruroc helmets are a joke. They are straight up ugly af. They are good helmets for people who like to speed but overall… don’t. be. that. guy… wear a normal one.

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