Ruroc RG-1 Venom Snowboarding/Skiing Helmet Review

This is a short review of the ruroc rg1 venom snowboarding/skiing helmet. it is simply one of the coolest looking, one of the safest. and best helmets out on the market today. be sure the check out their website at and pick one up today while some are still on sale!!! also be sure to check out my website at:


Mountain Monsters says:

MyHDReviews = AWESOME!

Thanks for the Review =-D

Stormnorman15 says:

Just got my helmet! Is it normal to have your mouth pretty close to the facemask? i feel like if i fell face first i would take out my teeth from the inner vent.

Richard Brown says:

You look retarded that that piece of shit on

ripcurl010 says:

awesome review thanks

Tripp McDaniel says:

Ultimate gaper helmet

Garlic Bread says:

I ordered mine december 27th and its still not here

D.A. says:

They don’t make XL.

ZFOM says:

Thanks for the review

mjlfz1 says:

These are the most ridiculous helmets ever made! They provide absolutely no extra protection than a normal helmet. But hey, if your going for the gaper/power ranger look you found the right product!

MyHDReviews says:

Thank you for watching =)

Adam West says:

can these be used for downhill longboarding?

tyler says:

they have 2 distributing stores in Canada. that’s why it was so fast.

V Jordan says:

This Helmet is so sick.. Just got mine and will be making a vid tonight..

Jeremiah Johnson says:

yeah where did you get that for that cheap

Gregory Patzelt says:

Hey, where did you find this model for $150?

Azn Market says:

Why do some people hate this helmet?

Bluelimes8 says:

Any users of this helmet know if the facemask part keeps your face actually warm? These things look sick

spacedigger says:

Since I am a beginner at snowboarding, I thought it was a to beautiful and expensive helmet for a beginner.. But than again.. as a beginner, you probably need this helmet even harder than a more experienced snowboarder. Kind of confusing.

ripcurl010 says:

are they still on sale?
and where did you buys was it direct to ruroc

Johnny Sinclair V.E says:

Was it cheap because it was on sale?

Sea Bass says:

Can you remove the helmet with the face shield attached?

goldwizzard77 says:

No decent snowboarder or skier would ever touch one of those helmets.
That is the biggest jerry helmet ever. Why don’t you guys just dress up as stormtroopers already…..

MyHDReviews says:

They are no longer on sale. and yes i bought it directly from ruroc.

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