Best Ski Helmets – Top 5 Helmets For Skiing & Snowboarding

In this video, we are going to look at the 5 best ski helmets. These helmets can also be used for snowboard and other snow sports.

The Best Ski Helmets Listed In This Video:

5. HiCool Snow Sports Helmet –
4. Giro Surface-S –
3. Smith Optics Holt Helmet –
2. Lucky Bums Helmet –
1. Smith Optics Vantage –

I made this list of the 5 best ski helmets based on my personal opinion and also the publics opinion. I hope this video will help you choose the correct helmet for you.

You should definitely purchase one though, because it can save your life. A lot of people die skiing every year because they do not wear any kind of protection on their head, and because of that the accidents were fatal.

However you can prevent that by purchasing one of the best ski helmets in this list, and you’re good to go.


SenasPlage says:

first ski slopes of the year for me too

Daniel Öhrqvist says:

How about next time defining what you mean by a top helmet? Criteria? Is it safety first? Comfort? How about ventilation? Will you get to hot in the spring when the sun is out? Is it some way to adjust ventilation? Will the ventilation scream like a seagull if you are a speed daemon? If it’s -10C, will you need a beanie, if so, will that work out? (some helmets are crap with a beanie) Durability? How does it alter hearing? Can you wear regular glasses or will the bows get crammed? I’m looking to by a new helmet but I don’t have a clue if this top list is relevant to me at all…

OregonKid42 says:

all of these are super ugly except for the giro and Smith Holt helmets

Floral Flame says:

“Its a Smith Optics thing” is a really shitty way of explaining a technology.

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