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In this video I have some tips for buying a new snowboard helmet. Buying a helmet is probably your most important snowboard gear purchase because its going to give you that extra confidence to go for your first turn, or try a new trick. There’s a lot of options out there for buying snowboard helmet so hopefully these tips will narrow your selection so you can find the right helmet for you.


Bishop Kalliko says:

Thanks for those tips.  I am looking into the Ruroc helmet since it has an amazing full face feature to take my need for scarf, face mask, etc, etc, out of the equation but wondering if I need to size it with a beenie on too or not.  Could you please do a review of that helmet before I go out and buy one.  Thanks 

youve beeneaten says:

i am a kid what is the best company for me

Hokatv says:

Hey man what size sandbox classic helmet did you wear and what size sandbox legends helmet do you wear now? Thanks man!

Kro ogy says:

Should I get a helmet first the the googles or the googles first then the helmet?

Jacco Rienks says:

Hi Kevin, are there any differences between ‘normal’ helmets and helmets with ear protection?

Jared Stoffel says:

how do you feel about hand me downs I got my helmet from my friend

Juyoung Sung says:

hey kevin my gogle is a little broken and i really want to know how often you buy a new helmet. Thanks

Cookie 2501 says:

my snowboard goggles pushes a little bit against my nose when I have it on, so I get less air through my nose. Can i solve this problem by getting some of that soft stuff away?

FluffyButter says:

i know this video is older so I’m not sure if you will see this or not but a quick question. If you have heard of the Helmet brand “Ruroc” if so could you tell me what you think of them? They seem like a solid helmet except for i don’t dig the face mask

Jose Nunez says:

Hi Kevin, I’m looking into buying a new helmet and your video really helped. I have been looking specificly for sandbox helmets. I heard u got yours for less than 100 dollars. Where exactly did u purchase your helmet from?

Simon Fauteux says:

Hi Kevin, I discovered your channel by looking for some Snow Googles buying tips. I was wondering, do you know any brand / frame model if I want to wear prescription glasses/sunglasses ? I’m not a big fan of contact lens.Thanks in advance!

Ajith Gunasekara says:

hip video … !

kai c says:

Do you know where I can get a thin beanie? My helmet doesnt fit well with a thicker beanie?

monty says:

A link to your helmet maybe?

Tenzon Dothan says:

Would my triple 8 skateboard helmet be fine for snowboarding?

ZeusLated says:

Do u think a s/m version of that helmet will fit a 13 year old?

MOCOOL says:

What make is the helmet you’re/he is wearing?

Andrew Puleo says:

Hey, I got the same helmet at you but in red and an L/XL. Did you keep all of the padding in even the velcro padding? I took mine out and not sure if that’s alright.

黃小銘 says:

Hi, Kevin thanks for your video channel, it help me a lot for snowboarding 🙂
If I want to wear a helmet, I can’t wear a beanie with pom inside right?

kyle says:

Hey Kevin, just wanted your advise for ruroc helmets do you think a good purchase for the price?

Bogdan Gerasimenko says:

Awesome tips!
Just what i’ve been looking for!

I’ve got a question, maybe there are some widely-known brands that produce good quality helmets?
Or maybe there are specialized internet-stores that provide such snowboarding gear?
Because i couldn’t find anything in my local stores and it seems like i have to order gear via Internet.
Maybe someone can share some links or something?

Chris Cayer says:

Did you try the RUROC helmet they are very nice but only in small or medium/large???

Ben Shortt says:

You should drop a December edit

Robs Tech Channel says:

Why the hell does the helmet look so slim on your head?! Every time I put on a snowboard helmet it looks like I got a water-melon sized head which really makes me not wanna wear one because I constantly feel like I’m lookin like an idiot

Aaron Tran says:

Hey Kevin should i wear my goggles under or over my helmet?

theskillermv says:

can you use a ski helmet for snowboarding

StockVideoFootage says:

What make/model is that helmet?

Nova says:

Hey Kevin! I saw on one of your videos someone asking for french subtitles, i’m from quebec, I speak and write fluent english and french, so if you’re interested send me a message or just reply to this comment! Keep up the vids!

Mike E says:

HECK YA NEW VID! I CANT WAIT FOR WINTER!! (i already have a helmet btw) 

Alex S. says:

Shoot. I think I have to get a new one. Fell pretty bad last season.

jaykarian saul says:

Hey Kevin, maybe you could make i video about gloves. Great vid btw, tnx!

Ty Hansen says:

Is grey a low profile helmet?

Ae ake says:

Any recommendation for a padded short. My butt hurts a lot.

Cheyne Lewis says:

sick gorby gap bra!!!1

yang yan says:

it is useful for people for choosing it

Andrew Wilkes says:

My helmet saved me when I slipped on ice when walking to the car park. Banged my head down hard on tarmac but not too much of a problem thanks to wearing a helmet. On the slopes in Japan (where I do snow sports) nobody wears a helmet except for down hill speed skiers.

Monsterjjk says:

Can u do a vid on wrist guards

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