What’s inside Augmented Reality Ski Goggles?

We CUT IN HALF the WORLD’S FIRST Augmented reality ski and snowboard goggles!!

Watch Shonduras full ski/snowboard adventure here: https://youtu.be/1BEq3i2EgSA

We are giving away a snowboard here: goo.gl/IixXYN

For those who are asking. This is the website of the company we bought these from. This video has no affiliation with them: https://www.rideonvision.com/new/

This could be the future of wearable technology! For what we had seen with the commercials before, we were underwhelmed where where the RIDEON product is at. It needs some more work before it would be fun to use on the mountain.

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Aidan Thompson says:

I forgot that google glass existed until he mentioned it

SnappishAtom76 ftw says:

Snowboarding is the best

Visually Viral says:

Where did you get that pizza??

wei zhang says:

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kim winkle says:

pfffft eagle point is the BEST resort in utah

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Lolbigfart says:

We’re all soldiers now

Potato Playing Roblox says:

OMG! I just noticed the adventure time skateboard!

captfalconXX says:

These two guys make it one perfect team. So entertaining !

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Jake S says:

What’s inside a fan

Cassie B says:

it’s little things like telling your kid not to be scared of something that helps them grow into a strong willed individual. I just think that the small things are really important good job

Saw&Burn says:

and i thought i was first to do it =p

S Lawson says:

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Those are cool

arm sit says:

the hologram bit is a

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yxhankun says:

what kind of computer is being used in the goggle?

Terence Jones says:

it thougt you were in france beecause it was made in fancee and you havent set it up yet

Itowle9 says:

You look like Seth McFarlane.

Alec Xylar De Leon says:

i put my phone on airplane mode and it didnt fly xD LOL

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Nicholas Coonfare says:

I love your vids

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Aidan Carlin says:

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That audio in the VR was HORRIBLE. 1like= 1audio improvement

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I know how to fix the app

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ha the audio sounds like trump

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i think ligen should do more of the things then u dan because he is the kid and he looks bored

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