Unboxing Smith Goggles From Sport Rx

SMITH Squad XL: https://goo.gl/o62QuL
SMITH IOX: https://goo.gl/8ojrrE
SMITH IO7: https://goo.gl/4VW6Ks
SMITH IO: https://goo.gl/bRkm3f

In this video I get a box of goggles in the mail from Sport Rx. I’ve teamed up with Sport Rx this winter to test and review as many goggles for you guys as possible. In this shipment I received four pairs of Smith goggles. We give you our first impressions of the Smith IO7’s, Smith IOX, Smith Squad XL and the Smith I/O women’s goggles. To save ten percent on your next goggles purchase visit https://www.sportrx.com and use the promo code PROCAMP10. Check out more gear reviews and tips in the snowboard gear playlist. Thanks for watching!


SNOWBOARD: http://bit.ly/2mlOZcJ
GOGGLES: http://bit.ly/2kvQzLu
HELMET: http://bit.ly/2kml7vT
JACKET: http://bit.ly/2km8GQy
PANTS: http://bit.ly/2kmorH8
BOOTS: http://bit.ly/2kIHRIG
BINDINGS: http://bit.ly/2l9GNyj
MITTENS: http://bit.ly/2kInFrM
BACKPACK: http://bit.ly/2qheYGe
WAXING IRON: http://bit.ly/2vltSfg
CAMERA: http://bit.ly/2kyFx41
ACCESSORIES: http://bit.ly/2vkWxB5
DRONE: http://bit.ly/2p9XBGZ
SOCKS: http://bit.ly/2pLq6s5

LIFT TICKET DEALS!: http://bit.ly/2u9C7L7

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Jason B says:

Can I wear the goggles with my glasses?

a person says:

I’m very envious of you guys right now!

Focus Allusion says:

Great video can’t wait till winter again guys! Come to fernie bc!

Arne Philip Fivelsdal Kvamme says:

Thanks for the best idea ever

Isaac Hazelbush says:

Love smith goggles and loved the video. But thats not a quick release tab for the lense its to flip up and connect with compatable smith helmets to keep the gap between the goggles and helmet minuscule.

davidsjones says:

Yo sick gogs!! Hey, if you guys want any footage or anything of the snow down in New Zealand hit me up and id be super keen to help out! Just had a Pow day and it was dope! 😀

3CH0 says:

this is one way sportrx is making money…send smith goggles to a big snowboarding channel

Snowboard. Paul says:

Those squad xls look sweet

Joseph Yao says:

Rip Nujabes

Jojo says:

Love the Nujabes BM

Jib Maher says:

Glad I’m not the only one getting gear and getting hyped. aha

James Davis says:

Just wanna’ throw a “keepin’ it real” comment/suggestion/piece of wisdom out there, regarding goggles. First thing’s first, if you wear a helmet, absolutely, definitely, 100% without a doubt, take your helmet with you when you’re trying goggles on. And it’s not just to check for the ever dreaded/feared “gaper gap”, but to see how they’ll actually fit on your face with your helmet on at the same time. For me, for some reason, with my helmet on, some goggles wind up getting pushed down a smidge on my nose & literally cause my nostrils to be slightly closed, annoying as heck considering it makes it harder to breathe that way & then when you try to scoot them up a bit to get rid of that, then the helmet’s blocking them from being able to do that unless you tilt your helmet backwards some, but that doesn’t work either and isn’t very good. I’ve noticed this with different models so maybe it’s just my nose being a little wider than most people’s, I don’t know for sure. I also wear glasses, so that’s the biggest thing, just making sure they’re big enough inside to accomodate my glasses frames without smooshing the glasses onto my face. Surprisingly though, most goggles work pretty dang good for me in that regards, even if they’re not “OTG/Over The Glasses” models, my glasses frames are obviously a little on the smaller side then but that’s a good thing. The overall simple thought though is this, you can’t really know for sure how the goggles are going to work/mesh with your helmet unless you’ve already got your helmet to try them on with at the same time. So for all of you that are still in the obtaining things/shopping phase, get your helmet first! It may not seem to make sense, but if you get your goggles 1st & then a helmet, & they don’t sync very well, you’ll see exactly what I’m talkin’ about. Alright everybody, take it easy peeps, peace! 🙂

ydh unknwn says:

Fucking lmao at the end. Keep up the good work!

Adam Walmsley says:

Can I have the blue pair PLEASE??? Love your vids. Planning on snowboarding tons this year at blue mountain in Collingwood, Ontario.

Piet Hein Smit says:

great vid man keep it up! love from The Netherlands

Roddy Nesbitt says:

Just came across that company looking for prescription lenses the other day. Please get some of the inserts so we can see them in action (only if you need them of course)

CuteyAndy says:

“Holy hell how did u mix all that up and magically align them in the end?” – me before I realized it was in reverse.

Josh Landicho says:

I’ve had the IOX for the last two seasons. They’re amazing!

populousmass says:

What brand is that beanie Kevin? I like the leaf logo.

Dan Reimers says:

You guys are great!

Jeremy Fielding says:

What type of lens are the black I/O 7’s in the video?  The everyday green mirror or the sun green mirror?

jlalonde1000 says:

what is the best 50 -60$ pair the bigger the load i spend on gear the less loads i can spend on a tickets all my gear is around 10-15 years old due to this. i use 0aks right now

Erika Constantino says:

Have you guys tried Goggles that have magnetic switch lenses? How good are those and does the lense fall off? Maybe?

Finex 1278 says:

I can’t wait till winter to watch ur vids

kreftisch says:

Kind of off topic, but how do you maintain your beard Kevin? It’s always groomed to perfection in every video.

Piet Hein Smit says:

can you do a giveaway?

Erika Constantino says:


inMotionSLB says:

DEFTONES! Chris keeping it real m/

Andrew Flower says:

Chris your hair looks sick long! Also been growing mine out!

Edgar says:

Digging Nujabes in the background.

Kathryn Booth says:

Dope. New fan to your channel, really entertaining vids, even when you’re not on the slopes.

Chris Henrich says:

New partner! Sweeeeet!
I already have a sandbox pair………. But then again you can never have too many goggles.

Rafi Ramadhan says:

It’d be pretty cool if anyone you know uses prescription googles and have them make a prescription goggle so we can compare 😀

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