Top 5 Best Snowboard Ski Snow Goggle Video Review

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1. Dragon APX2:
2. Electric EG3:
3. Oakley Flight Deck:
4. Smith I/O7:
5. Nike Fade:


Nachiketa Pandya says:

Good review. Thank you. Only if you were in Canada

JDWHIT$ says:

I thought her reviews were good!

Money Juice says:

I do think it’s funny that she’s reviewing snowboard goggles wearing a tank top. LOL

Shred The Knar Knar says:

The dragons are a hell of a lot less money than they used to be

neg TwoSeventyThreeC says:

The best part about the Oakley Flight Deck… the Prism lens.  Huge selling point.  -1 for the review.

Marie Tremblay says:

You should NEVER put your fingers on the len

djony10 says:

Have you ridden the Dye goggles? Any opinions ? 

Paul John Balderston says:

I was very surprised that you didn’t mention anti-fog. In my experience I have to say don’t buy dragons, they fogged up everyday I was riding below forty degrees and after only fourteen days on my new APX the tints on the outside came off of the lens, I ended up just throwing the googles out. I was surprised that you said you would wear the dragons even though they don’t fit your face. Wouldn’t that make them uncomfortable? Nike googles are made by Dragon son take that as a heads up. I had a pair of Oakley airbrakes last three seasons and never fogged up, although they can fog if you run too much on the hot side and Oakley and Dragon have the best comfort in the industry as far as I’ve tried. Anon makes great googles and I dig the M2. I have no experience with electric and I don’t think I will thanks to the new kkk inspired logo. My favorite googles are any thing in the Smith I/O series, They, hands down, have the best anti-fog and venting, they are extremely durable and now have very good foam, however a few years a go their foam sucked but they fixed that. All in all Smith I/O series, Anon M2, and Mix, Oakley. Honorable mentions Von Zipper, and haven’t tried Zeal optics but if anyone has I’d love to know! And P.S. the lenses changing on they Nikes is not a new, its the older fallow the guide with the little plugs kid of thing.

Aaron Harris says:

“these ones”

Inferno Dan says:

Are the Quicksilver Hubble good?

Jeremy Horvatin says:

too bad you don’t sell Anon products because the M2 win over all of those.
Otherwise, I more or less agree with your evaluation c: great video, although people want to see them worn! xD

Chris Bannister says:

Be less attractive so we can focus on the damn goggles

Josh Blake says:

Hi ive been snowboarding for 2 years and i have finally decided to buy a pair of goggles, i wouod like a durable goggle but relatively well priced ( under £150 ) any suggestions?

mr_powder addict says:

i just buy all of them goggles because of her

brad ford says:

Only focused on the release system and frame. What really matters is how good the lens is. From my experience. Oaklys prizm lens kicks the ass of anything else that i have ridden and makes the difference for me when choosing an optic

Chris Hayden says:

can you review the spy doom goggles?

SKoolZy says:

The Electric Eg3 are press and seal. With a male and female part. They are NOT magnets. I have the eg3 and I love them. They are well made for Electrics first frameless goggle

Jason Colbourne says:

Too bad Nike is discontinuing their snow sport line.

Sarinah Maroussia says:

Your a beauty

SnowAtYT says:

How did the Zeal Optics with automatic lenses not make it?

Gurgle says:

“These goggles feel nice! But these two have plastic on top but they’re all big but these three have thicker lenses but I like this one because its easy to change lenses… But this one is really nice t0ooo0o”

matthew wooner says:

eg3 fucking blow the apx’s outta the water no comparison

fractal_force says:

I love you. Good night sunshine princess

Brandon Muonio says:

horrible review. she is talking about goggles but she doesn’t have any knowledge about them. most uneducated review I’ve ever seen.

badfishgood says:

A little constructive criticism, instead of saying “these ones” try to say the product name instead. Otherwise thanks for the review!

Roman Alexander says:

absolutely terrible review….however, she did get the number 1 spot right. the dragon apx2’s are by far one of the best goggles on the market. they are awesome and look sick. i prefer them over the flight decks or the electrics

Віктор Купчанка says:

Hello! Excellent video. I chose the dragon apx. Could you record video but similar descriptions of the best gloves for snowboarding

Bob_de _Frog says:

HELLOOO!!!!!   Oakley Air wave!!!????    THEY HAVE A SCREEN IN THEM

Cody Richardson says:

I have zionor snowboarding googles that are way more priceyer than normal googles. I payed $400 to $433 but I have VIP pass to get in a get my googles customized for me. I been snowboarding since I was 5 and now I’m 19 .

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