Snowmobile Goggle review and fit with different helmets, and some antifogging tips! Louie from PowerModz discusses different goggles, which ones he likes, how they fit with helmets and offers some tips to keeping that nagging fog off your lenses. Check out this video to see what his personal favorite is!


Kody Shay says:

I have a medium klim f4 helmet and I bought the klim radius goggles and made it 10 minutes down the trail and they fogged up before I even got off the trail..sent them back and got another pair and the exact same problem! Very dissapointed! Before those goggles been running those Scott hustle goggles for about a year before the klim and after I sent the klims back got another pair of Scott hustles and all I can say is wow!! Honestly never fogs and by far fits any helmet I tried them! Very happy!

mark yeomans says:

i wear glasses and and a reconstructed right temple with steal sutures from a dirtbike accident when i was a kid so its got to be really comfortable…i’d like to try the goggle helmet combo ..with a visor it is impossible to wear glasses ..anyone wear glasses with helmet and goggles with any luck?

YatziukiProductions says:

I have 509 sinisters with the hmk fly helmet and i dont fog up one bit no matter dow hard i breath. that combo works really good!

OttovonEarth says:

I got frosbite on cheeks right now, -34 Celsius a week ago, dusting snow and I forgot spare goggles, and I didn’t  put tape on my cheeks either. It’s pretty much hell to use glasses when sledding, I use Scott OTGs and I think I’ll return to the open helmet when I find a proper one, + the scott facemasks.. 83X something (ape mask), I’m always the last one who still fights with hoods, helmets, glasses and goggles when others have left the scene after smoking break, yeah, it’s dangerous, I mean catch them up again, cigarettes are much slower killing nuisance. “Use contact lenses” might somebody say, but those aren’t my things.

suprajet says:

I have used most goggles and I have to say the best goggles I have found are the Oakley Airbrake.  Carry 4 lenses with me, and can switch them out in 10 seconds with the switchlock lever.  NEVER fog and work incredible.  Dragon Mace take a close second when it comes to fitament in an MX helmet

hawker800FO says:

I prefer a modular helmet, I ride a lot in really cold temps and the moto style don’t do it for me since I tried a modular

First Place Parts says:

Ya the Klim Goggles have been having some fogging issues, not sure what it is but Klim is working on it.

Captainpippy says:

Rockstar doesn’t make goggles dragon does

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