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Which snow goggle has the fastest interchangeable lenses? SportRx set up a lens changing speed test to find out. We chose six goggles with different lens changing mechanisms and timed the lens changing process from the moment you’re wearing the goggle to the moment you’re wearing it again with the replacement lens on.

Which interchanging system is your favorite? Let us know in the comments!

Products featured:

Spy Doom:
Dragon X2:
Oakley Airbrake XL:
Smith IO7:
Anon M3:
Electric EG3.5:

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Taartstaart says:

Why don’t you do it with gloves? 😉

Snowboard WingsuitHelperDude says:


C M says:

Think with some practice the spy doom could be faster practice with them well wearing them.

Jake Di Varano says:

Don’t have to take off the electric 3.5

Wontae says:

Where are the Scott LCG goggles!!! Wtf, they won’t sponsor you?? You guys are biased AF!!!

Matt Dhanji says:

Can do a video on how to interchange the lenses on the Spy Woot’s please?

TreyRights23 says:

The Spy dooms dont need to taken off to change the lens

Ryan Glenn says:

Digging that Oakley Mod5 @SunglassRob !

AG Coarseman says:

IO7 are fantastic goggles, but man, are they REAL pain in the ass to change lenses, especially out on the slopes when you are cold…
That’s the reason I wear the Chromapop Sun and carry another pair of goggles in my backpack for low light conditions…

Eagleeye Hooks says:

Giro Contact Zeiss Lens and Oakley Airbrake XL Prism are the Kings and nothing comes close, Dare I say not even the flightdeck ooooooooo snap son:) great video guys.

Cameron Gardiner says:

the anon goggles look super sweet and easy to change, thinking about getting a pair of m3’s, do you know how well they fit under and if there is any gap between the top of the goggle and the brim of a giro combyn helmet? cheers!

cooljer88 says:

atomic is the best

Tom Sharpe says:

I can change the lenses on my dragon nxf2’s in 4 flat while timing myself. Oh and can I change the strap because I got the plain black one and I’m digging something an it cooler

MotoMo says:

Well they can be done in under a minute so thats good. Whats one minute out of your riding. In most cases youre changing your lenses one time during the day anyway right?

The Lonely Pickle says:

idk the Anon may be the quickest but I don’t trust the magnets

Yeaux Breaux says:

Meh quick change and fancy goggles are overrated imo. I’ve had every type of goggle in the book and the only one to ever take me more than a minute is the Oakley Canopy because the tabs at the bottom are so long they present a uniquely difficult mounting process. I feel like this isn’t that big of an issue if you’re spending the day riding. You take food and bathroom breaks anyway no? If you really worry that much about saving time changing lenses you’re probably a gaper. As far as lens quality and appearance, this is also a selling point that’s largely hype. Now don’t get me wrong, I love to look sick on the slopes and I’m a huge optics nerd and I have at least one pair of goggles from every major brand in the game (Oakley, Smith, Electric, Spy, Von Zipper, Dragon, Zeal) but to be completely honest, I’ve found my cheap Von Zipper Cleavers with a blackout lens offer the best contrast and protection from eye fatigue over all the other fancy, expensive stuff I have. They’re my go to when I’m not sure of the conditions and the night stalker blue they come with is perfect for night or complete cloud cover days. Blackouts provide a greyish blue tint to the snow which is hands down the best for shadow perception and keeping the eyes relaxed. Sometimes simple is best. Mirrored lenses look badass of course and various shades of amber, bronze, rose etc make nature look cool but if you want function over fashion just grab what feels good on your face and pop a black lens in it.

Comsa Mihai says:

Try Uvex Jakk 🙂
You won’t even need to take them off.

3 6 9 says:

is that the Red Ice lens on the Anon M3?

Mark Halvorsen says:

What’s the difference between electric 3s and 3.5?

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