Smith I/O7 Snowboard Ski Goggle Review – Best Interchangeable Snow Goggle

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Smith Optics I/O 7 Snowboard Ski Goggles Review:

The brand new I/O7 Snow Goggle from Smith is guaranteed to be a prominent sight on snow capped peaks everywhere. With Smith’s introduction of the new Single-Pivot Quick Release lens system to the I/O7, swapping out your lenses to match your surroundings just went from a 10 minute calamity to a 2 minute cake walk.

The unmatched clarity that we have come to expect from Smith optics has been taken to unthinkable new extremes with the I/O7 Snow/Ski Goggle. As the epitome of aesthetic perfection, this snow goggle is also outfitted with the single largest spherical lens made and the most cutting edge characteristics available in today’s market.

The standard spherical Carbonic TLT Lens provides for an unmatched field of view while complementary 5X anti fog inner lens ensures that your perspective is as clear as a Mykonos Sky.

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Jamster says:

Hi! Whats the rubber bar on the lens for? Not esthetic thats for sure! Thanks

Callahan Covington says:

can’t hear wtf you’re saying, please find a new host

wentaGT says:

God damn it! She’s laying it on the lens! It’s driving me nuts!

Rock7132 says:

Holy hell is she hot. I’d watch her review a bag of rocks.

Louis Cipher says:

Did anyone hear what she said? I could not hear her because I was staring at her tits.

GoodnessTV says:

Not even two years with a I/OX Turbo (with ventilator) and the connectors are broken. Confident that this is a manufacturing defect and since there is a LIFETIME warranty, I’m sure there will be no problem. WRONG! I am told that since BOTH connectors are defective, they will not repair them. It’s not under the warranty. But then what is ?? They would have done it if only one connector had been defective not both of them. Really ? What is the difference? But all is not lost, they offer me a 50% rebate on a new pair (how nice of them). So you guys think I’m ever going to buy your product again? Dream on….So just you know. The LIFETIME warranty amounts to a lot of BS. Smith googles…NEVER EVER AGAIN!

Nick Donnelly says:

Not metaphorically, literally….

alexfenning says:

youre so quiet its not even funny

Jake says:

Lol the bar on the front of the lens is so you don’t get finger prints….

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