SMITH I/O vs I/OX vs I/O7 Goggles

Rob and Tyler can’t wait for winter to come. In this video they breakdown the difference between the Smith I/O, I/OX and I/O7 snow goggles. With a wider field of view, better optics and Smith’s highest level of anti-fog technology, Smith continues its 50+ year legacy in the goggle game.

Goggle technology is constantly changing it’s hard to keep up with what’s new. Let the expert opticians at SportRx guide your eyes into the right pair of goggles for the slopes.

Smith I/O 7:
Smith I/OX:
Smith I/O:

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Richard Bull says:

thanks for the review, helping me make the order…..but i need your help to tell me what music is in the intro and outtro to this

Léon van der Spek says:

The change in airpressure due to an altitude change regulates through the airvents? I don’t get this pressure valve design feature..?

Jason B says:

I wear glasses. Which one would fit for me?

basslapin says:

How much are your prescription inserts?

Kevin Jones says:

If pressure gets released at the top of the mountain, how would air get back in when you’re at the bottom? It seems like it would suck the lenses in like a water bottle in an airplane after you land.

Jakub Lenartowski says:

Can anyone compare Chromapop to Prizm? I mean from experience.

Matt Schutzman says:

I suggest if you want a less complicated way to change the lens and better viewing angles go with the I/0X not the I/07, Ive owned both and much prefer the I/0X.

Pure Vybz says:

Hello do you deliver in Japan?
Most of the goggles here have the “Japan Fit” tag which means ( if I am not wrong) that the goggles will be a bit more narrow

dmit1703 says:

What’s the difference between these and Squad XL?

Chris Simmons says:

I know fit is extremely unique, but if I have to order online or over the phone some sort of metric would help me decide to go with the I/O7 vs I/OX. Any way to decide if I can’t try them on first?

Mayu Takasaki says:

Won’t you need a turbo fan if you use prescription insert? Even though the goggle lense won’t fog, the insert will. Will you recommend ones with turbo fan? I heard that it will break after 2 seasons.

Expedition Recreation says:

We bought 3 pair of the Smith I/O Series goggles to use last season and absolutely loved them. With no fogging or distortion to speak of coupled with a lifetime warranty and spare lens, these goggles quickly became a group favorite.
We recently did a full review (with more photos) for those which can be accessed here:

TheNameYahuwah says:

In this day in age, why would anyone care about regular goggles without video / gps integration? …like, …welcome to 2018 guys, …

Marco says:

Do all lenses come with a second lense


rob and tyler have the same size head, the difference is rob has a BIG nose and Tyler has an average nose. The nose plays a big part in goggle fitment.

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