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What ChromaPop lens is the best for my riding condition? Sunglass Rob talks with Smith going through each lens on the spectrum and when to take on your next run.

ChromaPop lenses come in three categories divided among 11 lenses: Sun, Everyday, and Storm. Differences in visible light transmission (VLT) and base color distinguishes each lens from the others.

Additionally, all Smith IO series come with a Storm lens for low light conditions and either an everyday or sunny day lens.

ChromaPop Sun Collection:

Green Mirror – 9% VLT w/ grey base
Black – 12% VLT w/ grey base
Platinum Mirror – 13% VLT w/ grey base
Red – 16% VLT w/ grey base

ChromaPop Everyday Collection:

Green Mirror – 23% VLT w/ brown base
Violet Mirror – 23% VLT w/ brown base
Red Mirror – 25% VLT w/ brown base
Photocromic Rose Flash –30% – 50% VLT w/ rose base (VLT changes with lighting conditions)
Rose – 36% VLT without a mirror w/ rose base

ChromaPop Storm Collection:

Rose Flash – 50% VLT w/ blue flash base
Yellow Flash – 65% VLT w/ yellow blue flash base

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Andrei Raducanu says:

the enthusiasm of the smith dude is just contagious

silenttBOBB92 says:

How do these Smith storm goggles compare to something like oakley prism hi pink?

Peter Duimelaar says:

Hi there, i just followed your guide and based on the VLT i would say a combination of ChromaPop Photochromic Rose Flash (30-50%) and sunblack. Is it a good choice or do i miss something with the everyday lense compared to ChromaPop Storm Rose Flash (50%)? I mean, they both are 50%.

Dani Flores says:

In the future, could you move the lens with the snow as the background? It would help the viewer see the lens color as if worn on one’s head?

Nikola Azic says:

What would be better for those over cast days when its pure Flat Light, when you cant differentiate between ups and downs?
Should I go for the Rose flash or Yellow flash?

Wiljan Poppe says:

I was wondering, how do the chromapop lenses compare to the Oakley Prizm Rose and Hi Pink lenses?

Paul O'Neil says:

Thank you. My eyes have very poor ability to find contrast and my home hill in Ontario most often has horribly flat light – to the point that I can never see anything through most goggles. The Storm Yellow Flash is my goto 90% of the time.

toolfirepoi says:

What style of sunglasses is Kenny wearing in this video?

Vagitaria says:

Ayyy, Mammoth!

Angela Du says:

Hi, when you look through the lenses, is there a tint in colour? Like a reddish tint or something?

K Terry says:

Whitch one is better Oakley prism or smith chroma pop

Nick Foxer says:

Super helpful video! I laughed out loud when he used he word “technology” 4 times between 6:20 and 6:28 🙂

Matthew Robinson says:

This was so good. Wish I watched this prior to buying my goggles

chris kirkeeng says:

Hi sport RX. Trying to decide between the sun green, sun blackout, or every day green. Mostly ride at Breckenridge and other resorts in summit county, and won’t mind swapping out lenses when conditions change. Is there a major difference when looking through the two sun lenses? Also would the every days leave you wishing you had a stronger tint on sunny days?

Marvin Koch says:

Do you know if the “ChromaPop Storm Yellow Flash” will be released too for the new IO Mag? Would love to get the Mag and the Yellow Flash as an addon lense

Trent McAteer says:

Hey SportRx crew. I ride primarily in Summit County Colorado at Keystone and Breckenridge. I like to ride on groomers, but also hit tree lines. Do you think that the everyday green lens would be dark enough to deal with the amount of sunny days we get? I am concerned if I went with the sun lens it would be too dark if clouds rolled in or when hitting tree lines. Thanks!

T Bawden says:

so should I get the sun or the everyday lens? I’m riding in Whistler if that matters

Richard Lavers says:

Hi Rob, what is the everyday violet mirror goggle?

Tyler Pitman says:

How well do the storm rose work for flat line

Maarten van Genabeek says:

whats the song in the intro?

dave harrsch says:

What about night riding? I know I’m a bit late but I’m looking for a new goggle system to teach during the day and ride at night as well.

Reinier Hijmans says:

Hi there! Great video, finally one that really gives you all the insights you need before you buy a SMITH. But can you maybe tell me what the visible light transmission is for? Why a higher or lower percentage? I am thinking of buying the I/OX Sun Red Mirror!

i need some tae with some suga and a kookie says:

Hey guys liked this video, but I do have a question toady. I have an oval head and my current helmet wiggles around from left to right but not from front to back, I’ve bin looking for an oval helmet for a few days now but I don’t seem to find any videos or opinions on it.
I hope you guys have some tips for me. Thnx

pdrake007 says:

Great video. Anyone know what the intro and outro music is?

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