Recon Snow 2 HUD Unboxing and Review On-Mountain

This is something that Wheels couldn’t wait to try out. We hit the snowy slopes of Whistler to test the Recon Instruments Snow2 Heads Up Display in it’s natural habitat.

If you like stats and painless phone usage when you’re shredding, then you really shouldn’t look any further. This is it – a perfect companion for the geeky snowboarder/skier.

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Rick Andoni says:

I know where you are skiing I ski there

Calvin Cai says:


Akiko Miwa says:

my two favourite things! tech, and snowboarding!

ayy lmao says:

do you know if it fits comfortably with glasses?

CyberNinjaZ44 says:

I want an airsoft version!

Ken Luzar says:

First off, Kick ass review, clear and complete!
Second, It is great to see NCIX doing this kind of presentation other than the standard in house type.
Lastly, I WANT ONE OF THOSE!!!!!!!!   

Trevor Bagwell says:

if recon would make something similar for skydiving they would make a killing. we all ready have 500 bucks worth of altimiters on us, I for one would pay a premium for a simple and accurate altimeter h.u.d.

Charles Hu says:

Can it have a small camera in the future…so that I don’t need any Gopros on my board

OrthodoxKnightErrant says:

Do you know any such eyeset that can be used as android?
I got camera that i can control with bluetooth (you can see it’s image she films) and you just need to download app for controlling it.

And that lasts more than 10 minutes?
😉 😛

Chris Go0ie says:

Nice vid NCix

MrSiimhere ONtwitch says:

no terrible puns, no akwardness, what is this ? Wheels do more stuff.

Dimrain13 says:

I would love to see a call answer feature while using an iphone and using it for music..and perhaps Pandora.

WxSquared says:

Dat helmet…

besweeeet2 says:

iPad? 90% to 0% in 10 minutes? That doesn’t sound right.

alexander Alex says:

cost $10,000…. 

liltliltliltlilt says:

love it!

MrKyleDD says:

‘European and north american plugs’ another bad thing about being aussie where i’d need to find a damn adaptor..

Austin Winicker says:

Wish I could get into snowboarding but living in Indiana I can’t really think of a good place to go without travelling really far.

Eddie stone says:

good for motorcycle。

adamobmmbun says:

I have a pair of Bluetooth headphones called Chips made by Outdoor Technology that I use in my helmet.  Can both the Recon Snow 2 and a pair of bluetooth headset be paired to a phone at the same time?

Swatdude24 says:

Think I could use some airsoft goggles instead of skiing goggles?

jerppepepe says:

Holy crap ive been sking with my friends for 9 years and we always have trouble not hearing our phones in the slopes also seeing your speed and the music app are so awesome for sking. simply put this would be a definite buy for me if not for the cost.

MissouriMatt54 says:

Thank you for the video

Mem3zer says:

ey b0ss

Dimrain13 says:

This is awesome. 

Charles Hu says:

Can it hold glasses…… because most of the snow goggles that I have seen aren’t really “glass” compatible.

reno911unlocred says:

K….. K…. Kilometers? YAAAAAAAY, finally not bananas!

Taegan Hallahan says:

What mountain are you on?

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