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What is the difference between Oakley Flight Deck and Airbrake XL goggles? Tyler and Rob from SportRx give you a side-by-side comparison and tell you about the key differences between these two goggles. Which one is your favorite? Let us know in the comments!

Oakley Flight Deck: http://www.sportrx.com/oakley-flight-deck-snow-goggle.html
Oakley Flight Deck Prizm: http://www.sportrx.com/oakley-prizm-flight-deck-prescription-snow-goggle.html
Oakley Airbrake XL: http://www.sportrx.com/oakley-airbrake-xl-snow-goggle.html
All Oakley goggles: http://www.sportrx.com/shopby/brand-oakley/product_type-goggles.html

More Oakley reviews, unboxings & buyer’s guides: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLqlIMiqfxC7eehx2XhSDZn-MeXUrNNAft

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Alan H says:

Can you wear either with strap over the outside of the helmet??

Jacob Yuzwin says:

What is the tint called on the airbrake xl

Sakai Hoitsu says:

Thank you for the comparison, SportRx!
How do they compare in terms of breathability? It seems that many people have fogging issues with the Flight Deck when looking around the web.

Jay Nguyen says:

Airbrakes look better

ZenTunE says:

Flight deck looks a lot better and cooler

Chris Middleton says:

I tried a lot of different goggles on before settling on the Flight Deck. It came down to them having the best field of view. It also helps that they look cool. I pair them with an Oakley Mod3 helmet and couldn’t be happier! Amazing goggles.

Peter Kundrat says:

I tried both in the shop and although i love the look of the new Airbrake XL and interchangeable lens there is one issue that convinced me to go for Flight Deck – for some mysterious reason, Airbrake lens have an opaque strip cca 2mm wide, 1mm from the edge going around the whole lens. Unfortunately this strip was narrowing down the field of vision slightly – which is quite irritating especially near the tip of my nose. You could even see through this small slit.
With Flight deck i have mixed experience. Two days it was flawless, the 3rd day it got fogged inside lens straight after putting them on. Cold air flow slowly helped reduce the foggy area, then during lunch it disappeared completely. I suspect storage inside sweaty helmet or something similar must have caused this.

Luke C says:

SportRx , does the Prizm Sapphire lens for the Oakley Flight Deck have a white band that has an Oakley O. The ones I have seen for matte white bands only say Oakley on the sides. I would instantly buy them if they came with a Black O on the sides. Can they come with a black O?

Iskander says:

I have airbrake. but need more lenses.

Kyle West says:

Which goggle is biggest? As in, which one offers the most field of vision both vertically (forehead to cheeks) and horizontally (peripheral/ear to ear). Any idea if they offer more field of view than the von zips fishbowl? I’m looking for the biggest goggles that have the biggest field of vision. Size wise it seems narrowed down to electric eg3, dragon x2 or apx2, vz fishbowl, and oakley flight deck or airbrake xl. For biggest goggle, it seems like it’s between the flight deck/airbrake xl and the fishbowls. Any idea which is bigger AND has largest field of vision?

Chatt3rbox747 says:

Hi Tyler. Off topic but what eyeglasses are you wearing? Been looking for a pair and like those.

PiquedFlow says:

Appreciate your videos! Tough call between these 2, I ended up going with the Airbrake XL but sent it back for the same reason Peter K cites below. Also found the frame incredibly flimsy on the airbrake, Lots of creaking and I can push the nose piece up under the lense with very little effort. Going to try the Flight Deck next. I got the sapphire blue prizm lense which consequently looks NOTHING like it does in the pictures. I was expecting a deep mirrored blue. It’s really more of a warm lense that has a slight blue reflection in the right light. Still crazy cool goggles… You guys might do a video on lense comparisons: HDO vs prism, colors etc.

Christopher Schmahl says:

Hey guys, i really enjoyed your video about this topic and hit the “subscribe” button right after this looking for some more of this great information.

But here is my question: What color do I need?
I’m looking for the Flight Deck XM Prism and have no clue about the different lenses. And aren’t this glass changeable?

William Montoya says:

Hello Sport RX, I’m between the prizm sapphire iridium or black iridium, i would snowboard the whole day sunny probably until 6 pm when it gets dark. Which one would you reccomend? thank you

Kaushal Patel says:

how are the Oakley Line Miner Inferno Prizm goggles that heat up

Rangefinder says:

HELP ! I can’t decide between the Flight Deck and the Airbrake XL! Both looks incredible and I have some questions: Is there a big difference in terms of peripheral vision between the Flight Deck and the Airbrake XL? Do they fog easily? And also, when was the Airbrake XL Corduroy Dreams released? Thank you.

Gad Yaari says:

Great comparison SportRx!
I tried the Dragon NFX2 and thought the fit was a bit small on me. What should I go for between these two if I’m looking for something that is slightly bigger but not extremely bigger than the NFX2? (I’m slightly worried the Airbrake XL won’t fit my k2 rival helmet).
Thanks so much!

Deltarocks1 says:

can the flight deck fit into a motocross style helmet for snowmobiling? I am looking for a new pair of goggle for tearing up the snow on my sled.

Zaidr0n says:

hey, i was wondering wheter or not you can manually adjust the outriggers if you prefer to have them out (like i do), or if should just opt for last years version if i prefeer so??

K3S01L2 says:

What lens color is that airbrake xl in the vid?

GrandmasterN says:

What colour or name lenses are the Airbrake in this video?

Constantin Groß says:

Can you do a comparison between the 2018 Flight Deck, Line Miner and Fall Line? I would be pretty interested in the new Halo glasses

Patrick Shambrook says:

Enjoy the look of your reviews, but subtitles would be useful for the hard of hearing.

M.A.R. Fishing says:

Hey guys quick question is there a size difference between the 2017 to 2018 Flight Deck

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