King Imprint Reveals The Meaning Behind His Ski Goggles

Democratic Republic of the Congo born/Atlanta residing dancer and Team NueEra member, King Imprint, sits down with DJ Smallz and explains the meaning behind his ski goggles, if he ever takes them off, who inspired him, the craziest place he has worn them at, and weighs in on others who emulate him.

Does the explanation of Imprint’s goggles surprise you? Sound off by posting a comment below.

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Young baller says:

i had this idea and i wanted to start this

Quin Xilence says:

nigga copied rae sremmurd end of story….

Eywhyumad Boi says:

I’m pretty sure skiers started the ski goggles thing but I could be wrong lol

Cole Sprouse's wife says:

king imprint he so fugly

Jamel Campbell says:

Goggles been around since the 90s usher wu tang was wearing them.

Brittany Forever says:


vlone uzi1600 says:

he sound like 21

NASA TV says:

Been rocking those since 09

Bella Whatu says:

how old is King Imprint?

UglyGoth says:

He deadass looks like Derek Luke

Foreign Princess says:

He right when he says Africans are gossipers

ProjectEpic says:

I love u king

Cedric699 Gamer says:

Slim jimmy started

BenFTW says:

peep was rocking goggles a year before him

Giant Giant says:

Rappers been wearing goggles since the 90s lol

Theylove e says:

Lol so true Africans do like to gossip

Yancey Ameir1 says:

fuck u

Travy Harrington says:

I was on this wave way befor him cousin skitter frist did that n the 2000

Chicano Garcia2001 says:

nobody gives credit to A$AP ferg

Soniccairo says:

this interviewer looked into the eyes of do many weird famous people.

Nick Slam says:

Even tho i think the goggles look stupid as fuck and it just a stupid ghetto trend, but this guy actually talks like a human being not like most rappers today, good shit bro. P.S. Ima start a new trend with swimming goggles instead of snow.

quan BOSSED says:

Chief keef started it with Gucci goggles

Rondo From MMW says:

nigga ode ugly

0fficial Kenisha says:

My name is Sporti Red Ladi B and I believe in Jesus Christ and accepted him as my personal Lord and Savior. One facebooker has challenged all believers to put this on their wall… In The Bible it says, if you deny me in front of your peers, I’ll deny you in front of my father at the Gates of Heaven. This is simple… If you love God, and are not afraid to show it, copy and paste.

Canal Comedy says:

SoundCloud Rappers Been Wearing Goggles … Chief Keef Had Goggles… Ever Rapper Wore Goggles

A Bathing Grape says:

He look like he has a deep voice but idk his voice don’t match his face

danger gamer26 says:

when I dance I wear a ski mask

K supreme says:

Chief keef started it idc

KailenBP says:

hes just covering up that five-head he has

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