How these CHEAP FPV goggles Blew my mind!! Flykey FPV goggle review.

Flykey FPV goggle review. These fatshark dominator style fpv goggles had low expectations, but I couldn’t have been more wrong. Some quick mods and these have become my backup goggles. The reception was INCREDIBLE – flykey link –

Aomway commander link –

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Mic used –
Camera – Cannon 700D
Action camera – GoPro sessions 5


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Dale Bergeron says:

What I wouldn’t do to get a good PIP with a decent camera on the headset.

Cody Fisher says:

still stumped on what goggles I should get for a first time flyer. ive watched most of the videos on this channel, and most say how amazing all the goggles are. I’m looking for something I’m not gonna be dissapointed with, under 300$. are these the solution or should I turn attention elsewhere.

Peter Avram says:

Diversity absolutely does not require different antennas.

The kind of diversity in flying you are probably most interested in is Spatial diversity. This allows multiple transmitters to share spectrum with a minimum of interference.

The other kind of diversity you might be interested in for flying is Physical diversity; where you use two different styles of antenna mostly for their different characteristics. IE one highly directional one for long range, and one omni for short range.

If you are racing and in a pack; use 2 of the same type of antenna Spatially diverse (IE separated by a distance related to the frequency). If you are flying planes or something that goes a long way away then go physical diversity.

(Check out Wikipedia for more detail)

pa maj says:

Great review mate, subbed.

Hikari says:

Wow…. so misleading…. when a person says “CHEAP”, you expect between 0-50 bucks compared to the 299-499 models out there… then, you click on the link for them, and BAM you find out they are just as expensive as every other FPV goggles out there….. so disappointed….

QuadQrazy says:

Do these have Diversity?

Adam Hughes says:

I wouldn’t call 300 bucks cheap

Peter Mitchell says:

Such a great channel. Please keep making videos!!

hachitech says:

I don’t know much about these things but can the video out not be used for showing the footage and recording?

Unicorn Workhorse says:

$300 “cheap”

Quad Jitsu says:

Those orange skyzone’s on Bgood also have a 48 channel reciever…Maybe the same as those flykeys?…Wonder about the reception on them?

MR GUPPY 101 says:


Sam Am says:

299 dollars ???
That’s not that cheap

UAVfutures says:

Flykey link – , Aomway link- I am sure some people will totally disagree with me and can’t stand the thought of any other brand than fatshark, but I find it such an exciting time for the hobby Finally giving people more options for proper fpv style goggles that don’t cost $600

Leonardo Garcia says:

..and $300 is cheap for goggles? C’mon Mr. Goodaaaaaaaay! I paid $39 for Eachine one, lol. Thanks for all your tips brother. I’m still playing with the Furibee before switching to the Wizard 220S. Still need to work on those turns.

Eldain ss says:

Built in batteries…. or batteries stuck to the goggles….
What ever the case, it does not sound very safe too me.

What happens when you have these on your face, and they explode, catch fire…..
As we all know these kind of batteries are not that stable…Which is why there are warning texts.. etc etc.

Why not have the battery lose and use a cable instead, and have it on your belt or what ever….. anywhere but in your face.

Clint Rafanan says:

hi toooooodddaaaayyyy in uav

Enrico Gi says:

Thanks for all these goggle reviews. Would be interested to know your
thoughts on the Fatshark Transformers. Any chance for a review on

Jadon Crowe says:

Does anyone have these and recommend them, and why, also is there any problems with them

Jonas Salvador says:

Is it as expensive to manufacture as 20 Emax 2205 motors?

Waleed Hammoudeh says:

Can this goggles connected to DSLR cameras ???

Edward Trittel says:

Why cant I find any knuckleheads like you on the topside? Lotsa fun watchin your channel. Here’s my problem; I have an old world Helicopter and would like to add a  camera but ( have no clue ) about all the new innovations since I hung up my transmitter and put away my crashed ( again) copter 7 years ago. To think I was a Army copter pilot 16 years but couldn’t keep a toy one in the air. LOL. How do I add a camera and transmitter to that airframe and marry it all up to a transmitter and a set of UAV goggles?? Thoughts… best ideas? I just got a Mavic pro and am blown away at the level of technology and performance. Except for me clipping some Spanish moss and ripping my gimbal off!! Ribbon replacement no worky, so out $300 for a new assembly!! I hope it works cause I just got my new DJI goggles.( me not as clever as wife was led to believe)( no not my wedding, my skill level), Enough jabbering then mate, what say you to the issue of copter love and vision weakness?

JPS JPS says:

cheap??? what planet is this bellend living on?

black Whale says:


thedirtyroom says:

nice shirt

John Bearing says:

Great show. Keep Trev around

Dandahermit Seals says:

So you drive a cheap import Ferrari too?? Freakin $300 bucks?? Screw you.

stephan devriesere says:

Why are people always complaining about the price ? I mean, i don’t like to spent a whole lot of money on this but you need to be realistic. The development of these devices are not cheap, so are the materials used. If you buy cheap you will be spending a whole lot of money more in the end. If they build these cheap, it will be broken in no time. And then you complain about the quality of the product. If you want some good and reliable stuff, then save some money so you CAN afford it. Its like you want to drive a ferrari but don’t have the money to buy one, so you buy a cheap car you really do not like. If you can not afford this hobby, then do not spend the money on it. And no, i do not have a lot of money to spend. I save my money to buy some good and reliable stuff i can use for a long time. In the end i will be the one who spend the least amount of money on all the materials i need.

heretic30176 says:

wow at all the crappy comments talking about how these aren’t cheap. $299 compared to the equivalent fatshark at $499+ is cheap by comparison. get off your high horse and strap and giant $50 shoebox to your face if that’s your thing, but get real, you don’t call a cheap car expensive because it costs more than your roller skates.

Ian Palacios says:

leave if 299 dollars isn’t cheap for you

John Bearing says:

Hey I reciently just got these goggle but, how do ya charge them…

Edgars Makņa says:

thumb down
300$ == expensive

Jim Early says:

I was wondering if these goggles will bind to a typhoon q500? I’ve been doing the RC hobby for 15 years, ya get out for 5 years and things sure have changed. I put a camera on a Corsica about 13 years ago, of course the range was 100 feet maybe. lol great video!

John Smith says:


Na7han 9reen says:

change the intro

Terry Clifton says:

Hiee HIVR101 2D 3D 854*480 WVGA 5.8G 40CH FPV Goggles With 1800mAh Battery,,, these don’t look too bad & only £197:25 on banggood

S0u11ess says:

4:10 “who has a face like this, it just comes out like a brick.” Asians have wider/flatter faces than westerners. These Chinese goggles were prob developed using Chinese people as models to determine the curvature.

Pete078 says:

May sound like a stupid question but do the flykey goggles charge just by plugging a lipo into the dc?

Terry Clifton says:

all the time people buying fatsharks will keep their prices high,,, if you stop they will reduce the price,,, its supply & demand,,,, some people want something for nothing

Scott Rostad says:

Hi Stew! Thanks for the great review! Sorry for so many cheap ass haters below. I, and a lot of others appreciate your time.
Question please:
Can’t one just buy this:
And hook it right up to the AV Out if they want to record DVR. Can’t see myself doing that very much, but wouldn’t this do the trick for $14.99 on sale right now?
Sounds like these might be a great option with their awesome reception. Thanks much for your answer. G’day! 🙂

- benthejoker - says:


michael lee says:

is the IPD really 55mm – 65mm ?

James Penhallow says:

What would be the best antenna upgrade to get a better signal as far as FPV?

Scott Boreham says:

how do you happen to charge the battery on these?

MattacksRC says:

Yes $300 so cheap!

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