Goggle Test – Green VS Yellow VS Red


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In this video we’re putting three pairs of goggles to the test. Green Electric EGX VS yellow Von Zippers Fish Bowl VS red Oakley Flight Deck. Today we’re riding up on the Blackcomb Glacier in Whistler, with flat light conditions, which is perfect for testing these low light lenses. It’s important when snowboarding to have the right goggle lens for the weather conditions. I hope this test will help you wisely choose the right goggle lens for type of conditions you ride! if you have any question about goggles or snowboarding in general please leave them in the comments! Thanks for watching!

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Elliot Barnes says:

I’m going skying for the first time tomorrow. I have 2 different lenses which would be best yellow or red

mougabo says:

orange is the way to go for me

Toby O'Sullivan says:

i have the yellow lense on my sandbox googles

emptycup oftricks says:

this was great. qould be awesome to see some goggles for a sunny day with more tint.

Miles Harry says:

yellow goggle master race

Chinse TV box says:

Amazing video . I found a better price 33.59 and 20% off ,actually 26.87 for COPOZZ
hope it will help u.

Jeremy Stig says:

I have black googles. Just makes everything a little darker, but i really like it.

K E says:

I rock a Dragon brand, with a yellow lens on light and i love it

Snowboard. Paul says:

I’ve just bought the red flight decks.. mainly because you wear em..I’ll still take my airbrakes which I can change into the yellow if I need to.. so I’m spoilt for choice. yeayy

Yeaux Breaux says:

Personally, I like a black or grey lens for flat light. Feels the most natural and pops the snow contours best.

SebastianxW says:

Mine are like black…

itskevincoen says:

Kevin is bae <3___<3

mikey mike says:

if you gonna test the oakleys for low light conditions the prizm pink or hi idensity yellow are much better you fuckin noob

Florin F. says:

Dragon NFX goggles comes with yellow and dark smoke lenses

FantaBanta68plus1 says:

lol that gaper gap at the start

damoostifer says:

Everyone needs to remember that looking good is more important than looking where you’re going

Chimmy Chaunga says:

Just got the electric egx, hope it treats me well!

Ridlsan says:

why no blue ?)

brad jens says:

love your videos

smallyme33 says:

am i the only one w orange goggles

mackenzie crow says:

These are awesome videos!!!! Thank you

Joseph Lara says:

Hey kevin love your videos man. I have the same EGX goggles that im just about to use. Was just wondering how they are in terms of fogging. Any issues?

KSHEP Productions says:

I wear dragon NFXs with red ion lens. They have an awesome looking mirrored lens with a yellow tint when looking through them.

FynnFTW says:

Yellow S3 – even in lowlight good enough

Drew Goldman says:

great videos

Anthony Danen says:

i wear oakleys in sunny and yellows in shade

Gettin Sketchy says:

Were the Oakley’s prizm tech?

Fraser Burgess says:

Love your videos! I usually run red lenses but I have tried yellow ones and the are definitely better just haven’t gotten around to getting a pair.

Sebastian Suppes says:

I’m less than 20 seconds in and I refuse to pay attention to anything said in this video because of your goggle gap.

InvisibleSkeleton Gaming & More! says:

SnowboardProCamp could you do a orange goggle test?

rock says:

Is it an option to wear goggles with prescription glasses, or is this just impossible?

I’d prefer not to wear contacts.

Chris says:

I like amber lenses (brownish yellow) for all around conditions. They filter blue light that causes eye strain (like yellow lenses), seem to increase contrast, as well as being good in low light. I use them when I play paintball and got the same kind of lenses for my snowboard goggles.

Mister poh says:

great video, i did a test on these with my camera lens over the goggles it would give the viewers a better idea, i have prizm rose myself and its very flat looking, might have to get a yellow lens for low light days

jaykarian saul says:

man ur so cool, like a stoner Freddie ,it hurts me that in UK there is no place to ride … but glad to see new vids man!

Mauro Mortier says:

I have an orange lense how bow dah?

brad jens says:

keep up the great work!!!

50potatoes gaming says:

Thats an awesome lift!

Mike E says:

I wear Smith Prophecy OTG Goggles so it fits over my glasses but still has a cool design. I only use one universal lens in it for now because its a hassle to change lenses.

Timmy Bob says:

damn could u just make the vid 7 mins 😛

Claire Kessinger says:

what mountain?

ejump0 says:

Hi Kevin. Shoutout from Malaysia.
Anyway, do you have friend who rides and wears prescription glasses? Need help on review/tips and recommendation on choosing goggles that fits spectacles beneath comfortably, as i dont use contacts.
So far i have been riding (beginner, still going slow) without goggles and only Oakley Crosslinks glasses.

Mike Ortolani says:

Don’t they make a yellow sense for electric?

jlalonde1000 says:

what is the best all around lens I have orange oakleys now I like them. but they are 10+ years old and I don’t have 100$ I would rather spend the extra cash for a lift ticket.

Ermecinn says:

I have no clue what color mine is. I found the Googgles on the ground, I am using them for snowboard even if they are kinda narrow and made for ski. They are brawn-orange-red, not sure. Alpina Imperior if I am not wrong 😛

William Wallace says:

Pretty stoked because I bought the VZ Fishbowls last year and got a free yellow lens. Pretty sweet to know I got the better low light lens.

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