Dragon NFX Snowboard Goggle Review

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In this gear review video I am taking a close look at the Dragon NFX snowboard goggle. I own two pairs of the NFX and have been using them for the past several seasons. This is a large fitting goggle with a wide field of view, and performs well in all conditions. The Dragon NFX comes with a bonus lens so you will be ready for changing light conditiosn with a highlight and lowlight lens. Changing the lens is also a very quick transition with this goggle. Overall I think the Dragon NFX is a good looking goggle that will help you see regardless of where you are boarding. Let us know if you have any questions in the comments below, thanks for watching!


MultiSuperMonkeyTaco says:

tj i was on the bus to boreas with you i was with my brother (he was black) you where going to bike i just wanted to say hi

mugiwaracalvin says:

How is it in low light condition in terms of seeing bumps

Chris Eyres says:

@boardarchive be honest, you did this in front of green screen in your basement

owen chaffin says:

Been looking for a good pari of goggles that dont feel like your even whearing them, any goggles that you know of that can do that?

drumbeatP says:

I can also add that these goggles are super tough as I found out after stacking it and landing on my face last season!

Ethan Bell says:


Eddie Hoffmann says:

I have been searching & researching Goggle’s and its funny I wasn’t even thinking about Dragon but decided to go with a pair of NFX’s for the the upcoming season ..I’m excited to get on the mountain soon and try them out !! Thanks for your review !

Igor Lyubimov-Shootov says:

Perfect goggles! I had Electric eg2 before, but these are much better in any way in terms of comfort and anti fog and they look the best!

Kozyattic says:

guys I’m early can I get no likes? k thx

yano1827 says:

loved my Dragon NFX2 goggles!!!!

Mr. C says:

Im about to cop these

Andrew Flower says:

Thanks TJ! I’ve just ordered a pair of the latest NFX! Super amped for it to arrive next week and to test it out this season. Excited to try out the LumaLens tech too. My previous goggles were ¥2000 (like $20) so this should be a big change.

Jalen Tesfamicael says:


Aiden Dietz says:

Why does he look exactly like lance from Braille skateboarding

Descendant says:

How do you guys get so many snowboards to test?

Lightening3034 says:

mine fog up and its a real bitch trying to change the lenses

Erika Constantino says:

What is your opinion regarding magnetic l ense goggles?

Mario Guardado says:

What bindings would u recommend between the new 2018 union force or the union contact for a second year rider trying to get into small jumps and small rails? I have a capita ultrafear board btw thanks for ur review on that a while ago I bought it cause u guys are awesome on it

Ryan Lux says:

Ur a G

NinjaBare says:

I picked up the NFX2 and they are pretty much the same besides the lens changing system. I’m also going to be in Dillon this winter 😀

NoahTalley13 says:

Who is watching with iOS 11?

Turner Sambrook says:

Would mean a lot if u likes this comment

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