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Sunglass Rob and Goggle Tyler from SportRx are here to give you the Complete Guide to The Best Snow Goggles of the 2018 Season! These goggles are the best of the best and this run down will help you to choose your new goggles for the 2018 season. Which one is your favorite? Let us know in the comments!

Dragon X2:
Smith I/O 7:
Smith Squad XL:
Oakley Flight Deck:
Oakley Airbrake XL:
Oakley Line Miner:
Anon M3:
Spy Legacy:
POC Fovea:
Electric EG3:

Prescription Inserts:
SportRx Goggle Case:

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Will Norton says:

Got the Dragon NFX and sent them back (bad fit) and watched just about every goggle video from the past year or two from y’all. Ended up with the Prize Jade Line Miner. Favorite goggle I’ve had. Great videos!

Danny Vasta says:

I have some Dragon X2 goggles and they are comfortable but the foam on the sides feels very close to my eyes, and I can see the outline of the foam all around including the nose area when i’m wearing them so I think they are too small. Do you have any recommendations on goggles that would be bigger than the Dragon X2 specifically? Thinking about trying on the Electric EG3, EGX, Squad XL and Oakleys soon

gregory49 says:

I’ve got flight decks and love them.. goggles are addicting 🙁 The harmony fade lineminer, the anon stuff is awesome, the all white flight decks with hi pink.. such great stuff.

Jizhe Yang says:

is all goggles support prescription insert?

Max Schulze says:

What about the Scott LCG?

AL says:

I have a question for Tyler. I’ve been riding with my old goggles for quite a while and even though they’re great I feel like my backflips aren’t as good as they could be. I keep rotating them a little too short and landing on my face. Which goggle would you say has the best backflip performance? I’ve seen you throw those down wearing Oakleys, are they the best?

Omar Ramos says:

Sorry but after the i/o7 description. Felt the vid was rushed. Mostly just heard the quick refrenced word to discribe almost all “hey they look big”. Did not hear which had the quicker interchange. Better lens tech. Lightest;heaviest; better venting system; wider view to less viewing. Nada “(

Mostly heard big, three foam, and cases.

fasdglkads says:

How are the new Sonar lenses from anon compared to chromapop and prizm?

baldemaroo says:

I miss the designs from the 00s.. Spy Blizzard, Electric EG1 etc… Guess the Oakley Line Miner, Electric EGV and Anon M3 are the only good looking designs that are coming out nowadays, feeling like a dinosaur

jake howard says:

Hi, i was curious if yal have worn the flight deck with the mod5 helmet and how the fit is?

inMotionSLB says:

Im either going to go for Spy or Anon for my upcoming season

azy loi says:

ELECTRIC are definitely the best goggle!

Jul1us says:

hey guys of SportRx, how about a review on goggles when it comes to nose width? (or am i the only one suffering from way too many goggles restricting my nose-breathing?) Thanks a lot about all your nicely done reviews! cheers.

Chewy Chomp says:

Still partial to the NFX2s; sheer quality those goggles

Christopher Knight says:

In this video Rob went from dad to rad, Tyler just kinda went from park to Mark…

zack philipp says:

trying to find info on a new goggle I am seeing on the slopes called Zionor So far only seen 1 review on youtube so far.

Outland says:

How thick and what are the lenses made from, do they have an impact rating?

Nils Andersson says:

y’all should review oakley fall lines and the giro vivid lens tech

3 6 9 says:

Hi SportRx! I have heard complaints from my friends that the Dragon X2 makes squeaking noises, when interchanging lenses and even made those noises while on the head. Is this true, or do you have any experiences with this?

Darren Bishop says:

Are Giro goggles not worth a shout with their VIVID (a.k.a. PRIZM, Lumalens, ChromaPop, etc.) lenses with Carl Zeiss Optics?
Really surprised you don’t feature the Contact (spherical) or Axis (cylindrical) goggles, both going frameless and offering improved peripheral vision with their EXV tech.
They also supply two lenses with a magnet-type system.
Check them out.

Lars Freeburg says:

I’m looking for some new goggles. I want spherical lenses and that color enhancement tech(Chromapop,prizm,lumalens, etc.) And a 200 dollar price point. I want a cooler color and a mirror lens. I’m a dad helmet user so could y’all hit me up with some goggles that fit those specs

SquillagusNiggle says:

Guy on the right: *let your partner talk.* Stop trying to be a solo presenter. He is giving you social cues and you’re stubbornly ignoring them so you can continue your spiel. It makes the whole video awkward for the viewer and honestly, makes you come across as a jackass when you’re not one really. Let the other guy talk. Plan for it.

Guy on the left: *stop fucking mumbling while he talks.* Nobody can hear you, it just sounds sullen and irritating. Stop being an edgelord and just grow up.

Fuck'd Yoomomma says:

Ive owned the EG3 for a couple seasons. Best goggles on the market

Mister Linh says:

u two could use some synergy!

Kevin Healy says:

Good work guys! I bought prescription Oakley’s sunglasses from you years ago and still rocking them. You gave me some great advice and I will be calling you this week to order some goggles for snowboarding .

Tiller says:

Hey rob and Tyler, I’m currently in the market for a medium to large goggle. Preferably one that comes with two lenses, what would be your recommendation?? Thanks

Harry Tester says:

i don’t know what you guys are talking about with t eh m3’s. I bought a pair from burton and i took one step outside and it fogged up instantly. Waste of money and time. and didn’t get a full refund

William Lee says:

drinking game: take a shot every time they talk over each other

Warren Morris says:

Dark hair dude is well spoken and professional – the other guy is really annoying and keeps speaking over him. Can you put a google over his mouth so I can pay attention.

Богдан Миколайчук says:

Hey. Can you help me please. I have Dragon NFX, and I’m going to buy Smith Camber Helmet, are they compatible? Because with Smith Holt it was uncomfortable (

Corn Dog says:

Glad to see Flight Decks still on this list! I purchased a pair along with their inserts end of last season, but couldn’t test them out until last week. The goggles were amazing, but the inserts? Phenomenal. I was amazed at Prizm’s optics as well. Simply incredible. Now I’m not limited to contacts.

Rangefinder says:

which of all these goggles have the BEST optics?

balak sak says:

Is that the FLIGHT DECK with prizm jade lens?

Johannes Hofherr says:

Is the google from poc/orb clarity fitting on the helmet from poc/skull orbic x?

grider46 says:

I have the flight deck and keeps fogging betwen lenses.Is this a common problem ?

Tyson Judd says:

Anybody have an opinion on
Dragon x1 transitions vs the ‘lumalens’
Or does the transition have that feature too by chance??

Gabriel Molnar says:

oml will tyler shut tf up

Opkool 7 says:

ordered oakley flight deck hi pink from ur site, i am looking forward to trying them!

India van Doornen says:

What about the atomic revent q? And which goggles work best for alpine slalom skiing?

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