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Rob from SportRx gives you the complete guide to the best ski & snowboarding goggles of the 2017 season! These goggles are the best of the best and this guide will help you to choose your new goggles for the 2017 season. Which one is your favorite? Let us know in the comments!

Products mentioned:

Smith IO7:
Smith IOX:
Smith IOS:
Oakley Flight Deck:
Oakley Flight Deck XM:
Oakley Airbrake XL:
Dragon NFX2:
Dragon X2:
Dragon X2s:
Spy Bravo:
Spy Doom:
Anon WM1:
Anon M3:

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babis tsenoglou says:

What about Spy ace goggles?I m looking for the best lenses goggles and i feel that happy lenses of spy are the best in the market…what do u thinK?

Mitsubishi says:

Smith I/OX for the win

Rafael Rozalski says:

where are the EG2’S or 3? no way! that the flight decks are bigger then eg2/3. I personally got a pair and return them as fast as I gotten them. Prizm tech is definitely the best thing out there but that’s all they have going for them.

David says:

I got a pair of smith Vices last year. I know they’re supposed to be very good at anti fog, but I find that every time I go up on the mountain it gets fogged up. Am I doing something wrong, or are the goggles just faulty? I tried trading goggles with a friend of mine for a day and they did great(Oakleys w/ Prism) and mine fogged up for him as well. Are my googles screwed?

Viktor Müller-Lenz says:

is the anon relapse Smoke a good goggle?

hattori hanzo says:


Thanks for the awesome video!
I’m currently looking for new goggles and I can’t rellay decide between the oakley flight deck (prizm of course ;)) or the POC Lids. Obviosly u really like the flight deck, but what can u say about the Lids?

Would help a lot.


licenseplate says:

I just bought the Electric California EGX Eagle, what do you think of them compared to the goggles you reviewed here? (I haven’t been able to try the EGXs out yet)

KuduChomper says:

I literally have a 40$ pair of goggles which are 10x better than any of these overpriced googles

Sebastian Aguilar says:

Oakley for life

oneron says:

amazing stuff, thanks, keeping the background music a little bit lower wouldn’t do any harm though…

djhexzerorouge says:

hey rob,
thanks so much for the helpful reviews. something i’m still missing though is the size comparison of the different goggles. as i have a big head, it would be helpful to get a size comparison (talking about the fit on the face/nose) between the spy doom, electric eg3 and dragon x2. which ones fit better for big faces / large noses?
thanks so much!

bkzlatan says:

man i can tell you that you r a making some good reviews but oo hell man u have the ugliest skull i have ever seen..!!! ur head is f* strange you make every goggle look ugly into your face!

bassgrip52 says:


AnL Productions says:

I just got a pair of Kreed Park goggles and I LOVE THEM. I have a unboxing/ review of them on my channel if you want to check it out. It might be helpful if you are looking for a slightly cheaper pair of goggles.

iVince905 says:

Cant go wrong with a pair of oakley flight decks… might be expensive but it will last a lifetime

marcus hynek says:

Electric EG3

Chris L says:

I didn’t know David Blaine did YouTube reviews, I’m pumped!

Ed Walsh says:

What would work best for night skiing? Icey Northeast Skiing, Late Morning into Night is what I normally do.

trixr4kids8589 says:

I like my Electric EG2s

transam0001 says:

How about the Smith i/o7
photochromic vs chromapop

Looking at the Smith photochromic or chromapop Sunny and storm for snowy / cloudy days

Tobias Persson says:

Chromapop Storm or Prizm Rose in snowy/bad weather?

Bradley Parsons says:

Hi, I have a really tight budget (<$60), and I wanted a cool looking pair of goggles. Any suggestion?

Elijah Lee says:

The prizm lens is amazing, they really do eliminate flat light. I have been wearing flight decks the past couple seasons and haven’t found anything that competes with them. They are large, so I recommend trying them on before purchasing.

Chris M. says:


Lingy01 says:

Hi guys. Great reviews, really informative! Thank you for posting! I’m currently using Oakley A frame 2.0, definitely need a frame for a smaller face. I like the look of the i/os but I dont feel great about the clip at the back of the strap. Which goggle would get your recommendation for the smaller face, if not i/os? Dragon X2S?

Chris Castellano says:

POC? still wearing my POC Blackouts.

Alec D. Lee says:

Rob, how big is the size difference between the I/OX and the Flight Deck? I ordered a pair of Flight Deck’s, but I haven’t tried them on and currently own I/OX’s. Please help!! Thanks

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