Best Lenses for Flat Light Conditions

A flat light lens is your best friend when the snow is dumping or you want to do some night riding. Sunglass Rob and Tyler break down the best low light snow goggle lenses for your next mountain adventure.

All of the lenses in this video feature a light tint to allow more light through the lens to your eyes. This means they will have a higher VLT (visible light transmission) rating. This will be anywhere from 35-60%.

Each brand has their own proprietary contrast enhancing lens technology. More contrast means you can pick up on details easier and have a safer and more enjoyable time on the slopes.

SPY HAPPY Lens Technology – (3:02)
Smith Chromapop Lens Technology – (3:40)
Oakley PRIZM – (5:04)
Anon Sonar Len Technology – (5:59)
Dragon Lumalens Technology – (6:17)

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Coog says:

The beers taste so much better after riding the storm. Sun never seems to be around when I am.

Carter cox says:

Does night skiing count as low light?

Anthony Vaz says:

For low/flat light and night skiing – which would you with the Oakley Prizm Hi Pink in a Flight Deck or the Smith Chromapop Yellow Flash in a Squad XL? Thanks!

fasdglkads says:

Hi, whats the difference between sonar blue (some 40 VLT) and sonar infrared blue (some 30 VLT)


Garrett Hodsdon says:

I’m caught between the Prizm High Pink and the Rose! I want a low light lense that is versatile but I want something I could use at night. What do y’all recommend?

11 McCall says:

Can you make a nest goggles for teens plz

xAliPoPx says:

how does the lumalens yellow compare to smith’s yellow lens? also how would you compare these super high VLT lenses to a prizm rose for example.

Thanks in advance

Sushobhon Samuel Morrison says:

Oakley – HI Persimmon, VR28 Blue Iridium, HI Yellow, Prizm Snow, VR50 Photochromic, G40 Photochromic

Ischa Hollemans says:

Hey SportRx,
I was wondering about something: if you wear a high vlt lense (more than 60%) on a white out day, wouldn’t this be blinding to the eye? There is still a lot of light, even though the sun isnt out. So my question would be if a ±40% vlt lense is better than a +60% vlt lense on a standard white out day. Or is a +60% vlt lense more suitable for those heavy fog days?

Golden Retriever says:

I’m a XC skier. Best glasses for flat light? Thanks.

Stan Deeks says:

Anon makes a Sonar night with 77 VLT. Have you guys tested this?

RJ Deslate says:

Why does Sunglass Rob looks sooo Miami?

Zack L says:

The Anon Infrared goggles you try on appear to have framed clear glasses inside the lens.. does that come with it or do you have prescribed inserts? I have the M3 looking for a low light replacement.

Charlie Ninegar says:

Tyler’s glasses are amazing… what are those? Thanks for the love, SportRX.

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