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Rob, Sarah, and Caleb talk snow goggles, specifically Asian Fit snow goggles and explain what the difference is. Asian Fit is a thing and in the snow goggle world this means extra foam padding around the nose bridge area to prevent gaps and cold air streaming in and freezing your eyeballs. Nobody wants frozen eyeballs, so if you need Asian Fit goggles let us know! We have opticians standing by waiting to get you setup with some sweet fitting goggles.

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Oakley Flight Deck XM (Asian Fit):
Oakley Airbrake XL (Asian Fit):
Smith I/O 7 (Asian Fit):
Smith I/O X (Asian Fit):

Smith I/O 7:
Oakley Flight Deck:
Oakley Airbrake XL:

Prescription Inserts:
SportRx Goggle Case:

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Hubert Chiang says:

Yes, so as an Asian you have to pay 30 bucks more that’s just great

Young Sur says:

I wish sportrx did more thorough review on these asian goggle AFTER understanding the face structure of “generalized” Asian face. since the explosion of big then the sperical goggles it just made matter worse. That extra foam do mend that extra gap over the bridge but i only see it as marketing. Disregarding these great lens tech. None of those company really did enough R&D to offer Asian fit. I can see just from this videos. i wish sportrx made remarks that may affect these manufacturers to improve their offerings.

excaladbiur says:

Do you sell just prescription inserts for the Airbrake XL to Canada? Been sending a few emails through the website form but haven’t heard back at all – let me know

Chris 825 says:

Digging the channel since you started with snowboard pro camp. Keep it up.

Mark Halvorsen says:

Ordered my asian fit lineminers and can’t wait!!

sad meme boi says:

ChromaPop or Prizm?

Mr. C says:

Ying and yang

Will Renault says:

if i was to buy the flight deck or the airbrake xl in Asian fit and want another lens, would I have to buy a special again fit lens or would the regular lens be okay?

Leon says:

Thank you so much for this video from a fellow asian! I had no idea about this thing since I am new to snowboarding and skiiing.
I´ve been swimming a lot though and this reminds me alot of the same idea behind choosing swimming goggles.

Carl Dea says:

My question(s) would be:
Do you have similar looking goggles, but made for PWC, jet ski and sea-doo riders? I would like an asian fit and OTG capable goggle. Often when riders are on the water you get sea spray. Can the water harm the foam etc?
I almost never see companies designing them for water sports that actually look cool. It’s always for snow and motor cross.
Thanks for the video. Glad goggle companies are noticing asians like sports too. 🙂

S_Kim25 MRTD says:

If the difference between two fits is the thickness of the foam, are the actual lenses interchangeable between two fits?

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