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The Anon M4 is the latest in an incredible ski and snowboarding goggles line. Sunglass Rob talks with Burton’s Mark Wakeling for all the details on this revolutionary frame.

Anon’s Magna-Tech just got better. More magnets within the frame provide a seamless yet effective lens interchange system for quicker, reliable adjustments on the go.

All Anon snow goggles come with two lenses, so you can stay on the slopes even if lighting conditions change.

What makes the M4 special is the frame redesign. Most snow goggles hold one type of lens either cylindrical or spherical. The M4 can hold two: cylindrical, and their new toric lens.

A toric lens utilizes two different curvatures to offer more peripheral vision because the lens is closure to the face.

When purchasing an Anon M4, you will get either two cylindrical lenses or two toric lenses, not a mix of both. However, you can purchase additional lenses separately.

We love the M4 because it houses prescription lens inserts so well. Other goggles require removing the insert before replacing the lens. The M4’s design holds the insert securely without falling out through lens changes.

Anon’s Sonar lens technology is the highest premium contrast lens on the market specifically designed for snow.

The M4 is a dual-density frame. A stiffer outer frame allows for easy adjustment while a more flexible inner frame conforms to the user’s face shape. Coupled with triple-layer foam with moisture wicking, the M4 is made for all-day wear.

Anon has pioneered a unique balaclava integration system for some of the snow goggles. The M4 features a mag-balaclava for easy wear and adjustment.

The last detail we want to mention is the anti-fog design throughout the M4. Yes, there’s the Anon premium anti-fog coating, but the M4 frame itself features an incredible venting rig that maximizes light blockage and airflow.

Available Fall ’18.

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Andrew Ing says:

Does it come in Asian fit?

Wolfhuber says:

Rob kind of looks stupid with the helmet without EarPads and the gap he has

Ced Louis says:

WOW Rob!!!! I love my M3’s, but I may run the M4’s when they come out! Release Date?

Stan Deeks says:

Do these new M4 masks fit the old M2? Im guessing so.

Shinda Singh says:

when do these come out?

TechBloxMartin says:

Cool! I Liked!

Tommy Rizkala says:

Which 2 lenses Vlt do you recommend ? I was hesitating between the 19%vlt sonar bronze and the 23vlt% sonar green

stevros48 says:

He claims In this review that the sonar lenses are the only lense that’s designed for the snow?!?!! WTF is he taking the piss ? So Prizm , Chromapop and Lumalens lenses were not designed for the snow ?
Marketing crap and I know that Rob and so many others I know will just stick with the Oakley Flight Decks , even the new React goggle wont pull Rob away from the Flight Decks

xrm says:

I have been waiting! I also regret a little from buying oakleys when i saw those!

Tyler Bothmann says:

So I just bought the m4 cylindrical but I was wondering if I could also use my m2 spherical lenses on my new m4s if I want that look on the goggles also. Will that work?

MrMklos says:

How does SONAR compare to PRIZM? Unbiased answer anyone? Kinda torn between those and Line Miners.

Kenneth. B says:

I have a big face. Does it come with xlarge?

Ingmar T. says:

Have the M2 and just love it. The MagnaTech and MFI are game changers! As you guys mentioned. Changing the lens during a run or in the chair, when conditions are changing, throughout the day with ease (even with gloves) makes such a big difference. Will never buy anything else, than Anon. Thanks for that great piece of engineering.

fasdglkads says:

Can we PLEASE get a review on the SONAR lenses? 🙂

Tony SUN says:

Hi, I would like to ask will the M4 come with asian fit?

gregory49 says:

release date?

Boris Anthony says:

MFI compatible RX inserts please. Put some magnets on the insert arms. C’mon, you guys got along so well here, work on a collab. MFI as a platform. 😉

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