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In this video I’ve got 5 tip for buying snowboard goggles. Having the right pair of snowboard goggles can really make a difference in your day of riding.
Tip 1 Find a pair of snowboard goggles that fits well to your face.
Tip 2 Know what kind of snowboard goggle lens you need.
Tip 3 get a frame that size is big enough you can see you peripherals.
Tip 4 Try your snowboard goggles on with your helmet.
Tip 5 Shop around and get a snowboard goggle in your price range.


TheGamingGuy28 says:

What if you have glasses

Tate Bell says:

i have prescription glasses, i’m going skiing for a week this Christmas and i have to buy my own goggles so i don’t want to spend more than $55, i want to have a good quality goggle and one that i can be proud to wear that brand,   any advice???? any help would be great!   thanks

David says:

Wanna make an updated version of this? Like a list of nice day/night goggles for 2017?

Sam Carter says:

thanks man!

Sheldene says:

Hi Kevin. Can you do a review on the Oakley Flight Deck goggles, and what conditions the different lenses are suited to?

Andy McLean says:

hey guys, Ive boarding for about 2 years and ever scince the first day I cant seem to wear goggles as it gives me tunnel vision. I bought a pair of Dragon X2 goggles as they are wide angle ones but I still seem to get tunnel vision and keep falling, do you have and tips please?

Eric brathwaite says:

What helmet was that

Derek Sevcik says:

why would you want polarized lens? polarized lens reflect the light back to the light source(for snowboarding, the snow), which would inhibit your ability to see definition in the snow right?

Gisele Watson says:

Oakley or spy?? What do you prefer

John DiSalvo says:

for helmets can i use a starboard helmet?

John DiSalvo says:

skateboard *

Rcb says:

What kind of googles does Kevin have?

Calvin Short says:

Don’t be a gaper

Sebastian D says:


FischyJ says:

Hey man if my goggles are pinching my nose should I get bigger framed ones or what??

Guyson Amina says:

what exactly is your goggles called I know it’s been a while but I’ve searched everywhere

Ron Dekker says:

Great  video and good quality

SnowboardProCamp says:

I’ve worn Electric goggles for the past five years and they’ve never fogged up. Do you where a face mask? Because allot of times that can direct your breathing into your goggles and fog them up.

Khattab Ahmed says:

Where did you get your googles

Bukhari Johari says:

How about those wearing spectacles?

John DiSalvo says:

skateboard *

Edimar Stein says:

How big is this goggles that you use in this vidio thanks

MetalheadDetta says:

yes i wear a face mask, but i see a lot of riders wearing them as well. is it just specific goggles that don’t fog when wearing a face mask?

Connor Medina says:

Are their goggles for riding in the sun and at night? Because when I go I go for a whole day.

Jamie Pinette says:

Where I am we can have diverse weather, where some days are cloudy and snowy and others are bright and sunny. What color would you recommend for varying weather?

Curro Romero says:

If i have a little bit of space on top of my nose but nowhere else ? Is it bad? My nose is small

Henry says:

Hey Kevin, you ride in Whistler right? What lens do you use on your EG2 for overcast/foggy/stormy conditions? I’m stuck between Yellow/Blue Chrome or Rose Chrome. Cheers!

Sam Loomis says:

What do the crowbars or braces do on some higher end goggles?

Hannah Kahrs says:

Never go without goggles. I did once, thought I was fine, until I went home and saw my EYEBALLS were the same color as my sunburn.

James Carter says:

Frameless goggles are the way to go now days

Nina Wang says:

Here is the snowboard ski snowmobile goggles that anti fog anti uv fit over glasses mirrored fashion lens
You can check it through this link: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B015AC7X66
Hope it will be helpful.

Maddie Haydon says:

What kinda google would u recommend?

yano1827 says:

Any suggestions for prescription goggles? Other than buying a OTG goggles.

AdventuresWithAlan says:

whats the point of buying goggles tho?

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