$15 Goggles Vs. $200 Snowboard Goggles

Yesterday I decided to do something Iv been wanting to do for a while now! and that ofcourse was… buy the cheapest most nasty Snowboard goggles I could find! I ended up getting some for $15 from a petrol station! Today we find out if the $15 petrol station Snowboard goggles are really much worse that expensive goggles! (Dragon NFXs)
Hope you guys enjoyed the video! Thanks so Bo for helping out! you the man, man! hahahah! make sure to drop a phat like for ya boi! and come back tomorrow for another fresh video cause I make these everyday! 😀

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Roxie Whitmire says:

So…… are goggles actually really necessary?
I can definitely see why someone would want them, especially if they snowboard all the time.

But since moving to florida, I only board once every couple of years. Preparing for a trip at the end of this month and not sure if I should get $15 ones or none at all .

Growing up, I never used them so I’m not sure.

Arthur 94 says:

I live in Brazil which is quite far from any skiing, but I went on a trip to Mt snow this week and bought some cheap goggles since they wouldn’t be used very often. I went to a store in New York and got a pair of Smith goggles for around 25 buck (they were on like 25%sale) and dare I say they were great (way better than sunglasses) they protected my eyes from wind, sun and the cold. No I didn’t ride powder and no I’m not a professional skier or anything, but I would say they did their job and buying expensive goggles is mostly a waste of money unless you go to the mountains very often

Rocco says:

I’ve never snowboarded in my life and I’ve only been to the snow like twice, but why do you guys wear goggles?

En Feting says:

I would probably go for the cheap white/pink ones cause then I would get all the bithes in the afterski which is why I ski

simplychillinnn says:

I love how you like the look of the $15 better hahah.

Alexander B. says:

I have run with everything from $30-$200 goggles (and really the $30 were $15 quality bought on the mountain and overpriced) and although I keep that $30 pair in my bag for a backup, they don’t come close to the Oakley’s. The definition and clarity of the Oakley’s are way better, construction seems better and they have lasted way longer. My $30 smiths get deformed just from sitting in my bag, the foam is terrible and the lens is beyond bad quality. Like I said I keep them around for a spare, in case someone else forgets theirs ((or god forbid i forget mine). They work if you’re beginning and not going that often (they did for me the first few years I skied) but once I upgraded, ill never go back.

Alix Werner says:

Which camera did they use? Is it a gopro?

Mason Xian says:

Does anyone else want to wipe the smudge off the lens?

dubstepmidget 14 says:

Dude your so good at snowboarding

gnsair says:

hi i just got a snowboard last year (a week ago) and i cant figure out how to turn or stop i ride right foot forward. pls give me some tips and tricks on how PLSSSSS

Dean says:

They are little girl’s goggles.

Vara Razor says:

what gloves were u wearing?

JTLkid says:

You should try snowboard helmet vs skateboard helmet

Carter Black says:

Like for skiing reply for snowboarding

Nigapig says:

If I’m buying goggles, it better be Gucci otherwise ima snap!


The 200$ in my opinion looks like shit. I like the motocross googles styles

Snakeskin Boots says:

I’d say a 3rd factor would be UV protection. I would trust my vision with a quality pair of goggles, but using $15 gas station goggles for an extended period of time would probably fry your eyes.

R J Camps says:

Thanks for the video brah, It helps me because I’m getting ready to get my first snowboard gear!!

Daniel A says:

cool, I just brought a pair of dragons on Amazon for $5 in some neon green color that appearantally no one wanted. Having never had a pair of Goggles in my life, I didn’t know what to look for. Dragon is my favorite sunglass company, so it only made sense to try some dragon goggles first.

Flawless_Films says:

I bought like 15 goggles for 15 dollars at a garage sale a few years ago and they only worked for 1 day each

Lili I-/ says:

I literally just use normal sunglasses is that bad should I start using goggles?

Warning Shots says:

I bought some goggles. Not for snowboarding but for the clout.

cyborgraupe says:

Do you have merch ?
Sick Vid ma dude!

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