🔥Oakley’s 2019 Snow Goggle Collection 🔥

Look no further for the best Oakley snow goggles of 2019! Sunglass Rob and Tyler give you everything you need to know about this season’s lineup.

Shop the Flight Deck XM (0:57): http://bit.ly/2RCRVQV
Shop the Flight Deck (1:06): http://bit.ly/2RwBndi
Shop the Line Miner (3:42): http://bit.ly/2RwBxBq
Shop the Line Miner XM (4:15): http://bit.ly/2RDrydP
Shop the Canopy (7:01): http://bit.ly/2RB6fcQ
Shop the Airbrake XL ( 7:55): http://bit.ly/2RAeRQU
Shop the Fall Line (9:20): http://bit.ly/2RFx5AJ

Shop all Oakley snow goggles: http://bit.ly/2RDuN54
Shop all Oakley: http://bit.ly/2RzLyxZ

Learn more about the Fall Line XL PRIZM React: http://bit.ly/2D7vP58

Learn more about PRIZM Lens Technology: http://bit.ly/2RDvbAy

More Oakley product videos: http://bit.ly/2RC4sUR
More Oakley reviews, buyer’s guides & tutorials: http://bit.ly/2RwBXYw

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TheLondonReject says:

what ever happened to the Prizm React goggles???

Jeremy Kuhn says:

Just a question. When and if is Oakley going to make their snow prizm in sunglasses? I live in upstate NY and snow is a given for at least 3-4 months of the year and it would be great to have sunglasses with it

Steve Coogan says:

Best fit goggles for someone with a ginormous nose like myself?

Lochan Lightning says:

You guys should make a 2019 Dragon line video.

Massive Dwarf says:

Rob how do I get my hands (head) on one of those sweet SportRX hats?

David Alvarez says:

You guys have any idea when the Prizm React is gonna be released?

fanfan2812 says:

how would you compare the size of the dragon nfx and the Oakley line miner ? which on is the bigger one ?

Anton Nguyen says:

Are there any differences on anti-fogging between spherical and cylindrical lenses?

Nicholas Bentz says:

Is the field of view that much different on a Flight Deck vs Flight Deck XM?

WarrMan4 says:

Will you have these at SnowJam?

Bill Harms says:

The canopy has a wider field of view than the flight deck.

Libor Culik says:

I currently have ski goggles from oakley. At the moment they are the best.

Frederik Wandall says:

Im not sure if I should get the line miner, or fall line. and what is the best all around lense? great video tho.

franceiroca says:

Hi guys! can you tell what is the better peripheral vision : Oakley Flight Deck or Smith I/O Mag? thanks

gregory49 says:

I forgot how handsome you guys are… Stoaked for the season.

Halldor Hreinsson says:

Great video !!! Am an Airbrake user and love them, have about 6 lenses, slowly moving up to the Prism lenses, have 2 currently. – is the Airbrake XL the only choise from Oakley if you want to go for interchangeable solution?

Thomas Kovacik says:

Haha so rad!

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