Tips for Buying Snowboard Gloves & Mittens






In this video I’ve got some tips for buying snowboard gloves and mittens. This is a very important purchase because one of the biggest complaints by snowboarders is that their hands are either too cold, or too wet and they want to call it a day. So If you can get a solid pair of gloves or mittens right from the start it can keep you out riding a lot longer and if it’s your first day learning you’re going to enjoy snowboarding a lot more!


Dominick says:

@snowboardprocamp can you recommend some good brands for gloves and mittens? I got some nike gloves and they ripped on the first day.

autoassign says:

A video on bindings would be amazing or boots

landen engles17 says:

What are the best gloves that hold up best on a tow rope

BSMotoVlogs says:


MonkeyAli says:

+SnowboardProCamp where did you get those mittens?

Garthgoyle says:

I had gloves with velcro last year but when the velcro gets full of snow, it’s done. It won’t work much anymore. For this year I got a pair of Celtek Trippin Pro from last season at a discount price. They are three fingers mittens with zipper at the end. Hopefully they’ll keep me dry and warmer than regular gloves. 

kerrielee1966 says:

I’m glad you suggested it, mittens next time round for me! Thank you!

deepsudeep says:

do you have recommendations for gloves/mittens with wrist protection?

Ailison Carvalho says:


Gem VI says:

My hands always get so cold and wet! Its the worst! It really does ruin your day 🙁 
Thanks for the tips tho, I love your videos! Also just a quick question have you ever been to Mount Tremblant? I am going there after Christmas and I wanted to know if the terrain park and the overall mountain was good. 

superdupermax says:

Something else to look into: Wet/Cold weather motorcycle gloves. Have a pair of Joe Rockets I got back in 2010 or 2011. Got some padding in them, fairly strong to provide protection against sliding on the road, well insulated, and water proof. Only time those werent warm enough was in -30 and below Alberta winter waiting for a bus.

yang yan says:

could you gives us advice on manufacturing the ski gloves,maybe we need it

Bauer_32 says:

What kind of mittens do you have because I’m trying to buy some?

Al Shone says:

Can it be hard to press GoPro buttons with mittens on?

WolfieGamerHD Hd says:

i have these Swix gloves where there like a cross between gloves and mittens

kicktaekwondo says:

these tips for buying gear is really helpful. i like it

Jack Cen says:

How much is the mittens u show in the video? thx

dork -in says:

Thanks, didn’t know mits would work 🙂 I’m so pumped for this season!!! Can’t wait for some thick Canadian snow xD!

Medium Meg says:

I’m going into my second season, I live in Michigan and we are expecting a heavy winter. I go to bittersweet through ski and snowboard club with my school.

Phillip Hill says:

I got a pair of gloves that came with under gloves. Best decision of my life. i can wear them both or individually (I wouldn’t recommend wearing the under glove alone snowboarding) the other good part is I’ve swapped the under glove with a pair of running gloves and now i can text or use my phone without my hands getting cold. The only downside of wearing both is your hands can get sweaty.

James3160 says:

Do a vid on goggles and what types of goggles there are

vladimir lerner says:

Which is better snow overalls or snow pants

5167Sniper says:

what jacket is that?

Dylan Van de Ven says:

just use surf gloves ^^

Adam Marshall says:

this helped a lot

Marlène Cornelis says:

What about gloves/mittens with a built-in wristguard?

Macarite says:

Hi, just about to start snowboarding, got my first lesson next weekend and I’m going to Switzerland at Christmas. I was wondering what would be a good/cheap pair of gloves/mits to buy if I’m only going to be snowboarding a few times a year. Thanks!

Sandra Andrea says:

Thank you, your video helped me very much!

bailsterbailer says:

i choose gloves cus i feel all tactical like and shit

Michael Snijder says:

Hey kevin, I can’t wait for the season to start and was just wondering if you wear any other protection when you go snowboarding besides a helmet? I’ve also got back protection and sometimes I wear wrist protection as well. maybe you could do a video about different kinds of protection and when they would be useful/necessary. thanks and keep up the vids! 

Rik Elderton says:

I just bought a pair of HOWL Jed’s based on your videos… they should give you some sponsorship for the epic advertising!!

kenous atuss says:

Great video.  

fuzzorino says:

Synthetics are the best! And no cows are killed int the process!

Anonymous says:

great tips bro, keep it up!

Jørgen Je says:

i love you gays <3

Adam Meadows says:

Thanks I’m just a beginner so this helped me a lot

Kanał Zamknięty says:

What marks you prefer

Toxic Scooters says:

Where did u buy the howl Jed mitt from?

Jack Yarbrough says:

Can you do a seres on intermediate tricks I, doing medium jumps and fun boxes but I still am not spinning yet

Aamir Jawaid says:

i think drawstrings are an important feature for gloves to have, in case you need to take em off on the lift or something to use your phone

jimmypro77 says:

Thank you very much, I always decide on what to buy and now I know. Also could you make a video on jackets please:)

Arrowhex says:

Another really helpful tutorial! Thanks! And are you able to do a tutorial on how to to a tamedog??:)

tickets4war says:

nice !

Evan Mertz says:

Actually the reason for the synthetic rubber on the palm of your gloves is because that is a Midwest company and meant for your gloves not to rip on a tow rope

Renato Hernandez says:

Hey Kevin!! how are you? i hope very good 
I meet you long time ago when i was student here in vancouver 2011 or 2012 no sure. 
But anyway I am in Vancouver again and winter is right here!! i can feel it 
And i will like to take some classes i hope we can talk about it.

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