The Best Snowboard Mitten for Grabs? Neff Ripper Mitten Review

Neff Ripper Mitten:






In this video I want to share with you guys a review of the Neff Ripper snowboard mitten. The Neff Ripper is one of the best snowboard mitts I’ve ever worn. I’ll go over all the features of this snowboard mitt that makes it so great, but also tell you about one of the biggest draw backs. The features of the Neff Ripper that really make them stand out is the fit, materials and wrist straps. The biggest stand out is the silicone palm which is water proof and gives you incredible grip! On my last snowboard trip the grip on these gloves made grabs super easy to do. The one draw back to these mittens is they’re made for spring conditions. If you’re looking for a warmer mitten I recommend checking out some of the other Neff Mitts. Check out the snowboard gear playlist for more advice on buying snowboard gear. Thanks for watching!


Slava Balabanov says:

Can you use a wrist protector with these? Also, are they over or under coat?

Chickenwing_7 says:

Hey Kevin, I just bought a new board, I got the burton process 2017 edition and I was going to get the cartel est bindings that matched it, but you can’t find those anymore, so what would you suggest for good bindings that have a toe cap, and the est feature, thanks.

Rice Life says:

In the upcoming season you should make more back country videos

Allo says:

No one wears protections for the wrist? I had in my last mitten but those don’t seem to have any kind of protection

Jake Ingles says:

Used to have those exact style. But I left them at the mountain

Jon & Jem says:


Frith Inle says:

Idk man. All the Neff stuff I used to have would just get wasted by the end of the season. Beanies, gloves, face masks. Maybe they upped their game these past few years. All my weird off brand shit though has lasted forever for some reason.

Joao Roberto Sampaio says:

these gloves are really good! last season I was using a really cheap one and I was looking for a better one to wear. this one feels great in my hands! can’t wait for the season to start again here to try it for real! when are you going to give some tips about goggles? thanks!!

Brandon McNeill says:

ant wait for next season man keep up the good content

Michael K says:

Been following you from some time now and just recently got in to affiliate marketing and I can see you’re also in it, good for you and for building such a following! Doing what you love and getting paid what else could you want I life.

Daniel Grishchuk says:

how does the mitten do on the rope tow

Ben Gorman says:

A few seasons ago I bought the leather neff mittens and would recommend them to anyone there super warm and look good too

Matt Nguyen says:

When is the SnowboardProCamp merchandise dropping?

Bad_Riders says:

hey kev what do you guys do with your wet gear after a day on the mountain? Have you made yourself a dry room at home? Itll be cool and might help give me some inspiration for what im planning to build at home…

Brandon McNeill says:

tf who dislike the video hasent even been out lon enough to finish it

Dugan Miller says:

Are these better than howl mittens?

Madison & Jenn says:

I have similar Dakine mitts, love super grippy mitts. doesn’t have the wrist straps like my other mitts, real deal breaker on them being a favorite.

Bruh Sweet says:

I have the Neff Character Mitt. I can’t wait to use them this coming season

Vikram Khandka says:

Can it be ordered online outside US , Canada?

Jesper Thuresson says:

im new to snow boarding and i was wondering if the K2 RAYGUN SNOWBOARD RED AND BLACK MENS SZ is good for beginners. I have teached myself and I can ride it casualy. Is the snow board good for buttering and jumps, is it a rocker or a camber?

ThatPringlesGuy says:

Kevin when are you guys coming to mammoth?

Chris Follett says:

I wore a pair of deer skin mitts without liner last season. My hands were always comfortable neither cold or hot. They do get wet but that doesn’t seem to make my hands cold for some reason. Maybe like a wet suit the heated water is trapped inside.

Jay Richards says:

I find the best mittens for grabs in the cold are the Celtek Bitten by a Mitten. By far the best mittens I’ve ever owned. Really sticky too.

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