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Ski Goggles

Ski goggles are an essential piece of kit for any skier or snowboarder, but finding a great pair at the best price around can be pretty tricky. You want to buy the best pair available, but you don’t want to have to pay the earth to get them. Luckily for you, that’s where Simply Piste can help.

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OfficialDinorex says:

yes and no, you can get away with it but you might want to look in to day and night lens or if your price range it high enuff most oakelys can change the lens for each time

Web Crawler says:

= *Zeal Optics Detonator Ski Goggles w/ Free S&H get it here! .*

Beth Feia says:

this isnt correct. red lenses are for sunny days. 

EastmanGaming says:

What if I want to buy a pair of goggles, but i’m in America. All of the prices are in a different money symbol. What do I do?

KarlandAmber Ehrhardt says:

Very informative! Thank you!

Akiko Miwa says:

while double lenses are great, if your’e going to be falling and face-planting a lot moisture can get in-between the lenses and fog up bewtween the lenses meaning that the only way to defog them is to wait in a warm/dry environment.
I do still use double lensed goggles though…

Dana Wang says:

Best ski goggles for you:

Burkay Etiler says:

hey guys, i just started to use my Copozz ski googles and i really liked it !
Grab it from here,

Voxiripeer says:

you can recommend a pair of new lenses for the googles aswell no need for a 2nd pari of googles..nice video though 😀

Space Munky says:

So much information! Very helpful, thanks

Eric M says:

Do any lens work for night and day?

wisskier says:

Mostly good, should have noted that goggles should be fitted while wearing one’s helmet. Also, ventilation does allow for the mixing of hot and cold air, the idea is to reduce the humidity inside the goggles, less moisture inside means less fogging. Really like the discussion on lens shades and tinting. Cheers.

Andrea Reid says:

Thank you! This was extremely helpful and informative.

Quentin Gaza says:

Great video!

regard60 says:

convert money

Matthew Zvirbulis says:

haha love the ADR 0:58

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